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Top 5 Zoho Resources For Your Small Business

TOP 5 ZOHO Resources for your Small Business

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The widespread adoption and deployment of Software-as-a-Service or SaaS technology have driven digital disruption across industries. Several studies indicate that the global SaaS market is expected to reach or exceed USD 623 billion by 2023. And the biggest beneficiaries of SaaS across all industrial sectors are Small and Medium businesses. SaaS gives them access to powerful tools that allow them to compete against the best in the business without worrying about expenses. SaaS lets them pay for only what they use, scale up or down according to business needs, and deploy technology hassle-free without hiring dedicated monitoring staff. This allows them to deliver the best of their services to customers using the exact digital solutions used by leaders in their industry.

In this blog, we will discuss the must-have applications from Zoho that every Small to Medium-Sized Business can refer to.

1. Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites is an online website builder that lets you build visually appealing websites with a drag-and-drop interface in minutes. You don’t need to be an expert at web design or have any technical knowledge to build a website. All you have to perform is the following steps:

Creating and Customizing your Site

With the drag-and-drop editor, you can easily choose your template according to your business needs and design preferences. Once done with this, you can look for the four tabs at the top: Elements, Forms, Apps, and Commerce.

  1. The Elements tab lets you alter your layout, like adjusting your fonts, changing your layout, adding images and multimedia features, and creating new pages (called tabs) for your site.
  2. The Forms tab lets you collect contact information from your visitors by creating online forms(either from scratch or using pre-designed templates), such as a newsletter subscription sign-up page or a Contact Us page.
  3. The Apps tab lets you integrate your site easily with social media, payment services such as PayPal(so your customers can easily and securely check out), APIs such as Google Maps, and more.
  4. The Commerce tab is where you can list or manage the details of the products you’re selling.
Publishing Your Site

After you are done building your site, you’ll need to do one of three things to publish it:

  1. Register for a New Domain
  2. Map your Existing Domain if you have a domain registered with another host (Zoho Sites is only a domain reseller, not a registrar, so you can’t transfer your existing domain to Zoho Sites)
  3. Get a free subdomain (such as

Your site will run on a free ZohoSites subdomain if you use Site Builder’s free version. But you’ll need to upgrade to a paid Site Builder plan to serve your site via a custom domain.

2. Zoho Mail

Today, your business email is as important as your office address, which corresponds to your company name. Powered by Zoho, Zoho Mail provides business emails with a fast and clean experience and features that surpass those found in desktop email clients. The user does not need to worry about software upgrades and has complete control over their inbox.

Zoho Docs, part of the Zoho Mail suite, can help businesses become more productive. This tool allows team members to create, collaborate, and edit presentations and spreadsheets easily.Top 5 Zoho Resources For Your Small Business

3. Zoho CRM

As one of the most reliable CRM systems on the market, Zoho CRM systems are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The product offers a variety of tools for managing sales pipelines, purchasing controls, leads, and accounts. Additionally, it provides excellent support for follow-ups, CRM workflow management, and website integration with forms.Top 5 Zoho Resources For Your Small Business

4. Zoho Books

The need for accounting software is as remarkable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and micro businesses as it is for larger companies. Businesses must consider both cost and usability when selecting accounting software. Zoho Books stood out as a premier accounting solution in our search. Its general features are also more advanced than most similar accounting programs. Its strengths are inventory management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, project accounting, and reporting.Top 5 Zoho Resources For Your Small Business

5. Zoho Sign

You can use Zoho Sign as a standalone program or integrate it with Zoho CRM to sign documents. You can sign your existing documents digitally using this application, which converts them into fully-digital ones that can be saved and signed without printing or ink.Top 5 Zoho Resources For Your Small Business


We, Zoho Premium Partner. And thereby hold profound expertise in Zoho. Solutions demonstrated and tailored by our experts for your business will indeed leverage the power of Zoho for you. Let us know if we can help you or provide assistance if you are a small business owner and still skeptical about the applications and their usage.