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Zoho Creator for Fleet Management
  • April 8, 2024
  • CRM-Masters
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Case Study- Zoho for fleet management company

Business Type

B2C (Business to Customer)


Zoho Creator



Project Background

Our client, a fleet management company, faced significant challenges in streamlining their operations. With a fleet of boats to manage, they struggled with maintaining records, coordinating services, and efficiently managing customer data. This disjointed approach slowed their growth potential and posed operational risks.


Business Problems

Unsystematic Data Management:

The lack of an efficient system to manage business data led to inefficiencies and errors. Without a centralized database, they were facing issues in making critical business decisions which was causing difficulties in operation efficiency.

Service Management Issues:

Difficulties in managing boat services such as engine maintenance, repairs, and other essential tasks. Simple tasks have become complex issues due to the lack of a proper system, resulting in time delays, missed opportunities, etc.

Inefficient Customer Data Handling:

Inability to handle customer data efficiently, leading to communication gaps and service delays. Because of this, customer satisfaction levels were compromised impacting the overall business growth.

Business Objectives

  1. Establish a systematic database management system.
  2. Streamline service coordination and management.
  3. Enhance customer data handling efficiency.
  4. Improve operational management and control.

Our Solutions

Our team worked closely with the client, identified all the challenges they were facing and after proper analysis, CRM Masters Infotech planned a complete solution leveraging Zoho Creator.

Key highlights of the solution included:

1) Custom Application Development:

We have created a dedicated application to centralize and manage all aspects of fleet management using Zoho Creator.

2) Dashboard Implementation:

We have developed an intuitive dashboard providing real-time insights into boat maintenance schedules, service expiration dates, to-do lists, and buy-sell functionalities.

3) Mobile and Desktop Compatibility:

Ensuring seamless access to the application across mobile and desktop platforms for enhanced accessibility and convenience.

4) App Deployment Assistance:

We have helped our client upload the application to the app store and the play store so they can be widely available.

5) User-Friendly Design:

Our team has worked on prioritizing user experience with a user-friendly interface, facilitating ease of use and adoption.

6) Integrations

Stripe integration with Zoho Creator: This integration of Stripe with Zoho Creator enabled automated payment processing and systematic payment management, streamlining financial transactions.

Impact Of Our Solutions

Impact of Zoho creator Solution
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The implementation of our solution significantly improved operational efficiency, enabling streamlined data management and service coordination.

  • Improved Service Quality: With better supervision and management capabilities, our client could deliver superior service quality to their customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Optimized Customer Engagement: Efficient handling of customer data allowed for personalized engagement and timely service delivery, fostering stronger customer relationships.

  • Business Growth: By addressing operational challenges and enhancing service capabilities, the client experienced notable business growth and expanded market presence.


90% Increase in Operational Efficiency

95% Reduction in Service Management Errors

90-92% Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Ratings

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