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About CRM

Masters Infotech

Our expert study the business needs of your organization to identify the most suitable CRM product for your business which can be implemented with minimum customization. In case, you have been losing sales and revenues due to non-responsive CRM system which fails to add value after the employee leaves the organization, we will get that taken care of by customizing the CRM, also CRM Masters as a Zoho Premium Partner helps you Build your CRM from scratch. What we believe is that Trust First & Revenue Second.ย 

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We Worked On

Our strength is in our unparalleled commitment to care for business and your changing business needs. Every thing we do is with passion & care to achieve success at both the ends.


CiviQuo is the worldโ€™s first and only Investment Migration Platform. It is a largest selection of alternative residency and citizenship programs.


An advanced non-profit healthcare system with more than 4,000 employees and a medical staff of more than 400 physicians.

Hattons of London

Specialists in rare and exclusive gold & silver coins. It is UK Based leading distributors of British and Commonwealth coins serves UK & USA.


Foil that can switch on and off.

Source Furniture

Miamiโ€™s largest collection of commercial outdoor furniture.


Real Estate property trading solution in Europe.

Dedicated to your Business

The Leadership Team

Vish Agarwal

Director- Technical

Gurnam Bhatia

Director- Cust Excellence

Meghna Adhikari

Manager- Cust Excellence

Abhi Awasthi

Technical Manager

*Helping business by improving their customer experience on every touchpoint since 2008.

Everything we do with an idea of making our customers are loved by their own customers. By using the right set of Technologies, Architecture and right mindset. We help organization by transforming them into a better Customer Engaged Company which increases their revenue as a whole.


CRM Projects


AMC Projects






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Do you wish to implement CRM software for your business ecosystem

We at CRM masters can help you find the right business CRM software, that will benefit your particular business. Let us prepare a customized plan, that is crafted just for your operations.

*How We Ensures a Predictible Success ?

Statistics for Q1 2021

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CRM Masters

Let's come with a custom plan just for you !

Find out why CRM masters infotech is the name of trust.

Focus Industries

Provide unique retail
merchandising solutions
with real-time technologies.
Real Estate
Market automation
with cutting edge

Process of planning and
executing the efficient
transportation, storage & tracking.


Automating healthcare ecosystem for better end to end management of patients and doctors.

What Our

Clients Think of cRM-Masters

Vishalโ€™s CRM Masters is a dependable and reliable business partner. Everything we asked for, was delivered on time and within budget. The entire team including Krishna and Jawad, are very professional. CRM Masters are quality service providers.Very, very highly recommended.

Yakuf Agius- Founder and CEO


I've been working with Vishal for a couple of years and he's provided a great service to our business, helping us grow from start-up to the point where we are now expanding into different markets. His commitment in understanding our business has helped make that possible.

Simon Mellinger- MD

Author position

We have been working with Vishal and his team for 15 months now and continue to use their services. They have helped usmange and further develop our cloud CRM and IOS mobile programs we provide our users.

Mark Hines- Director

Arb Pro

Our Services

Zoho & Salesforce


Analyze your needs and provide CRM solution assessment, platform recommendation and roadmap Planning.


Customize and train your staff to make the best use of CRM.


Customize and train your staff to make the best use of CRM.

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Data Migration Services

Assure that your data will be migrated precisely.

AMC Contract

We have 90% of reoccuring business in the form of AMC Contracts. Let’s onboard you.


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What Can An Easy To Use CRM Do For Your Business?
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We are 100 % GDPR / USDPL compliant organization. We are bound to protect your privacy.

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Templates that may be customized Zoho developers have created a user-friendly survey editor that allows customers to quickly get started with over 250 completely customizable themes. The survey templates in Zoho's Survey suite adapt to any screen size and include…

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Our list of services doesn’t end here. We tend offer you tailor-madeย  solution to your particular needs. Connect today for a No-Obligation consulting call.