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CRM Masters- Case Study Palak Notes

Case Study on Online Store Brand

CRM Masters- Case Study Palak Notes

About the Case study

Palak Notes is a growing online supplement store. The company is on a mission to teach people and help people to integrate a healthy lifestyle as a part of their daily routine. As the business was growing, the company was looking for an effective CRM solution to manage its sales, accounting, customer support, and operations. Since they wanted to manage the mentioned aspects of their business under one unit, Zoho One turns out to be the most effective solution for them. They started with the purchase of 2-3 users to manage their sales process. However, now they are working full-fledged with 20-25 users in Zoho to handle their various business processes.


With such a noble motive to promote a healthy lifestyle, the company was new in the market with an intent to create a great impact. Initially, the company needed to streamline the sales process. The company was managing the sales and customers through MS-Excel only. However, as the business was growing, there was a need to have a proper lead generation system in place. In addition to that, there was a need to manage the accounts more seamlessly. Since customer support plays an integral role in the growth of any company, the need to level up customer support also became increasingly crucial.

The Business

Palak Notes is on a mission to integrate a healthy lifestyle into the daily routine of people. The business is highly driven by passion and a noble motive. The company believes that nothing can be more satisfying than guiding a person to get healed, have a better lifestyle, and ultimately put a smile on peoples’ faces. In today’s world, where most people barely take care of their health because of their ever-increasing involvement in various aspects of life, Palak Notes is working for a greater purpose.

CRM Masters- Case Study Palak Notes

The Challenges

As a growing business, Palak Notes were facing the below-mentioned challenges that needed to be addressed:

Data Management: Managing the data for contacts and accounts can become a difficult task if done manually. Also, considering the quantitative aspect of the data, the streamlining of various data management processes was needed.

Customer Support: Customer support is the backbone of any business. For Palak Notes, the customer support system had to be optimized.

Integration: Proper integration had to be done for the website and Spotify.

Multi-Channel Sales: Since the sales were happening on multiple channels, a proper tracking system needed to be in place to effectively track sales from all the channels.

New Customers: To grow the business, the process of attracting new customers had to be optimized.

Handling Customers’ Concerns: An effective tracking system was needed to track the concerns raised by customers on social media and email.

Stock Management: As the company was growing, proper stock management was needed.


Since the company was looking for an effective one-stop solution for their business processes, Zoho turned out to be the perfect choice for the company. For the successful implementation, CRM Masters provided the documented roadmap for Zoho implementation. The roadmap was first discussed and approved by the client before proceeding with the implementation process. In the roadmap, all the business requirements were included, highlighting the solutions with flowcharts.

The Zoho applications that were introduced for proper management of the business processes were CRM, Inventory, Desk, Bookings, Social, and Sales IQ.

CRM Masters- Case Study Palak Notes

Implementation and Results

After the approval of the roadmap, Zoho was successfully implemented for Palak Notes in 6-7 months. Zoho One All Employee Pricing was used in the implementation. 

Lead Generation: To effectively manage the lead generation process, the lead generation was integrated from the website and social media to Zoho.
Customer Support: In order to level up the customer support game, a customized chatbot was introduced on the website. Moreover, Zoho Desk implementation was done to seamlessly manage the customer support process with proper tracking. Moreover, the company started leveraging Zoho Bookings to manage the appointments with Dieticians and Health Experts which eased the scheduling process up to a great extent.
Customer Communication: To get personally connected with the customers on a regular basis, telephonic and SMS integrations were introduced. Also, custom prescription email templates were created for customers with different diseases.
Shopify Integration: All the direct sales from Shopify were successfully integrated with CRM. 
Stock Management: The challenge of stock mismanagement was effectively handled at various levels.
Online Payment: Being an online supplement store, seamless online payment had to be ensured by the company. In order to ensure this, online payment integration was done with PayU.
Social Media Presence: Zoho implementation witnessed a good jump in the social media stats of the company:

Instagram: 58K Followers
Facebook: 285K Followers

About CRM Masters

CRM Masters provides cutting-edge professional services and always works hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible. In nutshell, we intend that our customers are loved by their customers.
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