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Case Study Salesforce for a Solar Enterprise

Integration of Salesforce for a Solar Enterprise

Executive Summary

Solar energy systems are evolving globally, and their demand is skyrocketing. The reason is that solar energy is a tempting substitute for non-renewable sources of energy. Many homeowners are busy working hard to keep up with paying bills and managing families. They don’t have time to keep up with the changing energy demands. The company educates homeowners about how to create a more sustainable household through the use of solar energy and innovative home technology. And if you choose to move forward, it partners with you throughout the entire process, from education and assessment through installation and quality assurance. We, at CRM Masters, integrated Salesforce and Conga Composer into their website, ensuring that it streamlines their sales and customer journeys.

About Company Salesforce

About the Case study

The company was launched in New York and has rapidly expanded throughout New York, New Jersey, Illinois, & Florida. The company aims to save money and sustain energy. They educate, assess, and install solar plants for the homeowners who can’t do all the calculations for them. They guarantee satisfaction from initial assessment through installation. They save clients 20%-50% to eliminate their electric bills!


Before integrating Salesforce and Conga Composer into their website, their project management was relatively low. Plus, they didn’t have the resources to get the documents signed and approved options with them. They used to do all the verifications manually. But with this implementation, all of their tasks were automated and managed correctly for better communication and interaction.

The Challenges

The client wanted to transform their website by switching to a faster and more modern UI. With the growing workload; they asked us to build an efficient system to easily categorize and assign different tasks to the team. They also wanted to have a customizable button to send the emails real quick to their clients.

Implementation and Results​

To resolve the challenges faced by the company, we integrated Salesforce and Conga Composer into their website to construct better management.

  1. A ‘Change Order Module’ was created for them where the following information was put down together:
    The project was grouped under a category( engineering, inspection, installation, interconnection, order to cash, permitting) so that it could be assigned to the dedicated team.
    • The project was grouped under a category( engineering, inspection, installation, interconnection, order to cash, permitting) so that it could be assigned to the dedicated team.
    • Billable type (Billable/Non-Billable), Priority( High/Low), and Status were all assigned.
    • Ticket type was also assigned to it.

2. A custom button, ‘Send email from Congo,’ was built in the quotes section to send the emails of signing the documents seamlessly and quickly. They used to manually send the documents(after passing the dynamic values) for signature to the customer and the client. But with this, all the processes (quotes, contracts, and opportunities) got automated. After the approval from the customer, the contract was formed and sent to the client. The other sections drafted will not turn into any agreement. Various helpful keywords, like pending, approved, etc., were used to keep the Status clear.

  1. Various stages and fields were also added in the leads section.

Automate your Business with Salesforce

Companies still rely on older methods of business generating models and execution. However, with such growing demands for solar power, they need a powerful and robust system that can fully automate the business for installation and sales, providing opportunities for growth and profitability.

Salesforce CRM is one of the most effective and exhaustive tools, equipped with cloud functionalities and intelligent automation that empowers agencies to minimize the response time to leads and clients. It also integrates sales and marketing data from multiple sources and channels of communication with minimal duplication and manual processes. With 360 degrees holistic approach, it indeed rules over other CRMs. with salesforce, you can get the same sophistication and level of experience as big solar enterprises.

About CRM Masters

CRM Masters provides cutting-edge professional services and always works hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible. In nutshell, we intend that our customers are loved by their customers.

We offer comprehensive Salesforce CRM services. Our cloud experts ensure they work closely with the client’s requirements to pitch services accordingly. Good contact management ensures that your firm enjoys a smooth implementation process. We intend that our clients are loved by their customers. Feel free to contact our experts for further details.


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