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  • April 12, 2024
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Case Study- Zoho for eCommerce - Magento - Zoho Integration




Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Writer, Zoho Workdrive, SalesIQ, Wati, Meetanshi.


New Delhi 

Project Background

They are India’s Most Trusted Name for certified Natural Gemstones, Rudraksha, and Healing Stones. They sell a wide variety of premium quality Natural Gemstones but they manage all their data manually and face many challenges so, To overcome these challenges our team implemented Zoho to solve their problem and increase their business growth.  

Business Problems

Before implementing Zoho, they faced many challenges, some are listed below:

  • Manual Management:- The Company worked on manual processes for order management, sales tracking, tax invoice generation and certificate management which often leads to inefficiencies and errors.  
  • Sales Management:- They don’t have a centralised lead management system, nor do they have a lead tracking system that effectively impacts their leads. 
  • Customer Experience:- Delays in order processing, billing, and certificate issuance are caused by manual processes that negatively affect the customer experience. 
  • Lack of Scalability:- Without automation and streamlined workflows, scalability becomes a significant challenge. Manual handling limits the capacity to handle larger volumes of orders, sales, and invoices efficiently. 

Business Objectives

Business Objective- For GemStone​

Our Solutions


    Our company integrated WATI with Zoho CRM to automate the process of sending personalized welcome messages i.e. product-wise to the new leads or customer details fetched from Zoho CRM that enhance their onboarding experience and increase brand engagement. 
    We integrate Magento with Zoho CRM by using the MITANSHI plugin to streamline the flow of data between the e-commerce platform and the CRM system enabling efficient tracking of website visitors and customers. This integration helps the company to know the sales order details, and tracking in their Zoho CRM dashboard. 


  • Zoho CRM:
    We implemented Zoho CRM for them for their sales and order tracking processes. We also customized Zoho CRM according to their business requirements and managed their leads and sales activities in one place. With the help of this integration, they can easily access their real-time information and leads to streamline the sales process. 
  • Zoho Books:
    Zoho Books is a tool our team uses to automate accounting, tax and expense tracking, which can significantly improve the financial process. By automating these processes, we can reduce manual errors and improve financial accuracy.
  • Zoho Writer:
    Using Zoho Writer, we create a custom product certificate for their products. Each certificate has a unique stamp of authenticity, which increases the customer’s trust. Not only does it enhance the value of their products, but it also increases their customer’s confidence that they offer original quality gemstones.
  • Zoho WorkDrive:
    The implementation of a work drive is done to secure and store all the certificates. With this implementation, every certificate is automatically saved in a work drive as a backup to enhance its document management process. 
  • Zoho Sales IQ:
    With the help of SalesIQ, we have made a chatbot for them for efficient customer management support. With the help of SalesIQ, they can easily respond to and resolve customers’ queries in real-time, enhancing satisfaction. 

Impact Of Our Solutions

  • Efficient Leads Management:- The implementation of Zoho CRM streamlines their order management and sales tracking processes. Also, increased efficiency in handling leads and sales pipelines.
  • Automated Financial Process:- Automates accounting and tax invoice management tasks and reduces manual errors in their financial statements with the help of Zoho Books. 
  • Enhance Customer Trust:- We created customized product certificates through Zoho Writer which improve customer trust and satisfaction. 
  • Enhance Customer Support:- We implemented a chatbot in SalesIQ for responsive customer support and resolve queries in time. 



98% Improvement in Lead Management

Centralized Management

95% Improved Customer Engagement

Enhance Customer Trust

The implementation involved careful planning, customization, and training, resulting in a robust solution that addressed the company’s business challenges and improved its operational processes.

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