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  • December 15, 2023
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Case Study- Zoho CRM For E-Commerce Industry in UK



Business Type

B2C (Business to Customer)


Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Desk, Zoho People


United Kingdom


Our client is a UK-based e-commerce company that started 2017 trading exclusive and rare coins, including the world’s first releases. They started with 4-5 people and had a clear vision of making a significant impact on the exclusive coin industry. They offer numerous rare coins, including many of the world’s first coins, to coin collectors.

Our client was looking for solutions that were easily integrated with their e-commerce platform, i.e., WooCommerce. We help them evaluate CRM, and Zoho One was selected as a solution for their unique business needs to provide them with 360-degree business process management. As a Zoho Premium Partner, we have implemented and integrated Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho inventory for over 200 Zoho One users.

Business Problems

They were looking for a less complex CRM, which is available 24/7 and can be accessed across all channels like desktop, mobile, I-pads, etc. Based on the client’s needs, we shortlisted Zoho One to help them with the best solutions. Also, we evaluated time to implement, operational cost, maintenance cost, upgradation issues, lead time, flexibility, and customizability. In all parameters, Zoho is a winner in terms of value for money. Our client’s business was a startup with limited resources, so additional features were evaluated against requirements. With Zoho One, as Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory, along with 48 other applications, came as one package, it was a clear winner.

These were the challenges to be addressed:

Inefficient Order Process

As the e-commerce platform was not integrated with Zoho, order processing took a long time and was prone to human error.

Inadequate Customer Support

Their customer service team only handled customers’ queries by email, leaving customers unsatisfied due to improper tracking and missed tickets.

Lack of Automated System

Their customer support team faced many difficulties completing their daily targets due to a lack of system automation.

Manual Accounting System

There were a lot of challenges in maintaining proper track of daily real-time reports, and tax calculation, especially in the USA, was difficult and inefficient due to manual calculations.

Business Objectives

Our Solutions

We helped them decide which CRM tool was best suited for their unique business needs; with all the evaluation and analysis, we integrated Zoho One for the best results according to our client’s requirements. We at CRM Masters follow the best practices and analyze our client’s problems from beginning to end.


Zoho Desk

We have implemented Zoho Desk, which helped them manage their customer queries, issues, and complaints efficiently.

Zoho People

Through this implementation, we helped our client manage their HR processes, which include employee records, payroll system, leave management, and others.

Zoho Books

This provided a complete accounting solution, which helped them ultimately gain control over their financial operation.

Zoho Inventory

We implemented this to streamline their order management for their e-commerce business. It helped them keep track of stocks and ensure timely order fulfillment.


E-Commerce with Zoho

This integration helps in real-time data synchronization between the E-Commerce platform and the Zoho Application they were using to reflect all the needed information as soon as the order occurs.

VOIP with Zoho CRM

This integration helped our client enhance customer support by improving customer interaction, eventually leading to customer satisfaction.

Zoho Books with Zoho Inventory

This integration was crucial to a seamless inventory and financial management system. It automated the task as when any order is processed in Zoho Inventory, it gets directly updated in Zoho Books.

Avalara for USA Business

This integration helped in accurate and efficient tax management, especially for high-value items and credit sales. This reduces the risk of tax-related errors and issues.

Impact Of Our Solutions

Improved Customer Satisfaction

After implementing Zoho Desk, the company experienced improved customer satisfaction and better management of customer interactions.

Transparency in HR Processes

With proper HR process management, they achieved transparency and efficiency in HR-related tasks.

Accuracy in Financial Tasks

After implementing Zoho Books, the company achieved transparent and accurate accounting, which resulted in making informed decisions.

Efficient Order Management

Zoho Inventory leads to efficient order processing and reduces the percentage of errors in inventory management.


By implementing Zoho One applications for our client, we have addressed all the challenges they faced which were also huge growth barriers. The following are some of the results that they noticed after implementation.

Improved financial performance

Achieved transparency in HR-related task


Improved Customer Satisfaction


Efficiency in Order Management

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