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  • December 9, 2023
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Case Study Of Removals And Storage Company In UK



Business Type

B2C (Business to Customer)


Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Books, Zoho SalesIQ,
Zoho Project, Zoho Vault, Zoho Connect, PHP/Laravel, MySQL, WordPress, AWS


United Kingdom

Project Background

Our client’s journey began in 2008 when they established a London-based removals and storage company amidst one of the most challenging economic crises. Despite these adverse circumstances, they persevered, crafting a resilient business model. Their dedicated team, comprised of seasoned professionals, offers a comprehensive suite of services, spanning from packing to thorough cleaning, all aimed at delivering a seamless and stress-free house-moving experience for their customers. Committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, our client goes the extra mile by maintaining comprehensive coverage through Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance, ensuring the protection of their customers’ belongings throughout the entire moving process.

In order to streamline and automate their customer onboarding procedure, they searched for a solution. Additionally, they were looking for a system that could step-up and improve the efficiency of their internal operations, including data sharing, internal management, accounting, etc. We recommended ZOHO One to them after evaluate their business requirements, and implemented it for their company with 10 users. For them to manage their business activities, Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho SalesIQ (Answer BOT and Zoho BOT), and Zoho Email Service were introduced.

Additionally, they began utilizing ZOHO Project for internal administration, ZOHO Vault for credential sharing, and ZOHO Books for accounting. Customized CRM built on Laravel was developed for an excellent user experience so that the licensing cost is not impacted as the business grows.

Business Problems

Lack of an Effective Website

The absence of an efficient website was probably a obstacle to their marketing endeavors, hindering their ability to reach a wider audience and showcase their services effectively.

Data Storage Challenges

Our client struggling with difficulties associated with storing and managing client data efficiently. Their existing system fell short in providing the necessary organization and accessibility.

Manual Data Management

Relying on manual data management via spreadsheets resulted in time-consuming processes and exposed them to the risk of human errors, potentially affecting the quality of their service.

Communication Issues

Challenges in sending SMS and emails to their customers were impeding their ability to maintain clear and timely communication with their client base.

Business Objectives

Our Solutions


Website Development

To address the need for an effective online presence, we helped them in developing a professional website that not only served as a marketing tool but also streamlined various business processes.

Data Management with Milly

 To overcome data storage challenges other than Zoho CRM, we helped our client to migrate data in the third-party application ‘Milly,’ which resulted in comprehensive solution for efficient data management.

Payment Gateway Enhancement

 We tackled their payment gateway issues, ensuring a smoother and more secure payment experience for their customers directly through the website.

Customer Data Management with Zoho CRM

 We streamlined customer data management by implementing Zoho CRM, improving data accessibility and organization.

Zoho CRM

Important part of their customer relationship management efforts. This allowed them to nurture leads, manage client interactions, and streamline their sales processes effectively.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ provides valuable insights and tools for lead generation and conversion. This tool aims to fulfill their sales endeavors which results in increased revenue.

Zoho Project

 For their internal team management and project coordination, Zoho Project is the go-to platform. It facilitated task management, project tracking, and team collaboration.

Zoho Connect

For their efficient task delegation and team communication became a reality with Zoho Connect, ensuring seamless coordination across departments.

Zoho Cliq

Real-time team collaboration and meetings were made easy with Zoho Cliq, fostering productive discussions and task coordination

Zoho Vault

 We helped them prioritize their data security by using Zoho Vault for securely sharing sensitive credentials among team members.

Zoho Books

For meticulous accounting and financial management, we helped them with Zoho Books to maintain financial clarity and accuracy.


Typeform with Milly

 The integration of a feedback form with ‘Milly’ allowed customers to leave feedback and help our client to analyze for continuous improvement.

Stonely with Clientportal

The integration of ‘Stonely’ with the client portal provided customers with a step-by-step guide to the services offered, enhancing their understanding and experience.

Zoho CRM with Milly

 Seamless data transfer from Zoho CRM to the third-party app ‘Milly’ ensured data consistency and accessibility.

Zoho CRM with Clientportal

Integration with the client portal enhanced customer service by providing a better understanding of services offered.

Stripe with Website

Integration of Stripe payment with the client’s website facilitated convenient and secure online payments.

Impact Of Our Solutions

We have addressed our client with solution for their required needs:

Efficient Data Storage

Our solutions led to significant improvements in data storage and management, ensuring that critical information was readily accessible and well-organized.

Streamlined Payment Gateway

The resolution of payment gateway issues resulted in a smoother and more secure transaction process, boosting customer confidence.

Proper Data Management

Through automation and organization, we successfully addressed the challenges associated with manual data management, reducing the risk of errors and inefficiencies.

Customer Data in Third-party Application

The implementation of a robust system for maintaining customer data within the third-party application streamlined processes and improved data integrity.


We have successfully addressed all the business requirements for our client, giving them the best solution for their business needs, the results of which are listed below:

Acheived smoother & more reliable payment process.

Enhanced marketing strategy.

CRM on Laravel saved the sales team licensing costs.


 Notable improvement in data management.


Accomplished customer satisfaction

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