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  • November 8, 2023
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Case Study Of Food Tech Company In Saudi Arabia


Food Tech

Business Type

B2C (Business to Customer)


Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory


Saudi Arabia


Our client, a restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia, has been serving healthy & delicious meals to adhere to a healthy lifestyle since 2017. They have gained recognition for their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle through their offerings, including monthly subscription packages and customised healthy meals tailored to individual customer preferences.

Our client serves customised meals and faces meal customisation issues in the system, including daily report generation from 11 live branches and much more. The manual handling of meal customisations disrupted kitchen operations, which not only consumed valuable time but also introduced the risk of human errors. Our client had unique customer demands, and ensuring each customer received their desired meal was critical to upholding the restaurant’s brand image.

Business Problems

Meal Customization Issue in System

The client’s challenge with meal customisation in their system was complicated. They wanted the flexibility to customise orders for every customer according to specific dietary preferences, ingredient choices, portion sizes, and more.

Managing 11 Live Branches Systematically

Operating 11 live branches presented the client was facing data management issues on a daily basis. Each branch had unique operational demands, customer preferences, and inventory management needs.

Daily Records of Orders and Zoho Books Integration

The client needed daily records of orders to track their operations effectively and maintain financial records accurately. These records needed to be seamlessly integrated with Zoho Books, their accounting system, which received data from the third-party app Foodics.

Difficulty Managing Discounts and Coupons on Website

Managing discounts and coupons effectively on the client’s website was a critical aspect of their marketing and customer retention strategy.

Food Tecch Indsutry Case Study Business Problems

Business Objectives

business objective of food tech company case study

Our Solutions


HTML/JS Meal Customization Form

A user-friendly HTML/JS form was developed to enable customers to customize their meals. This form was integrated with Zoho CRM to ensure that customer preferences and orders were accurately recorded.

Automated Daily Reporting

A total of 22 different cron jobs were set up on the servers to generate daily meal reports for all 11 restaurant branches. This ensured that the client had up-to-date data on their daily operations.

Discount Coupon Module in Zoho CRM

A new module was created within Zoho CRM to manage discount coupons according to the client’s preferences. This module was seamlessly integrated with the HTML/JS form, with multiple validation checks.


Tap Payment Integration with HTML Form

Integration with Tap payment features was done to provide customers with a smoother payment experience. This integration improved the overall efficiency of the payment.

Zoho CRM to Foodics App Integration

Our team integrated Zoho CRM and the Foodics app, resolving the client’s issues related to order syncing. This integration ensured that orders seamlessly flowed from the Foodics app into Zoho CRM.

Impact Of Our Solutions

Streamlined Meal Customization

Implementing the HTML/JS Meal Customization Form revolutionised our client’s approach. Customers could now easily personalise their orders, specifying dietary preferences, ingredients, and portion sizes.

Efficient Branch Management

Our automated daily reporting system addressed the challenge of managing 11 live branches systematically. This improved operational efficiency to, reduced bottlenecks, and ensured a consistent and exceptional customer experience across all branches.

Seamless Integration with Zoho Books

Our integration solution between the daily records of orders and Zoho Books streamlined financial processes. The client gained a clearer financial picture, enabling better planning and decision-making.

Enhanced Synchronization in System

Our team successfully resolved the challenge of synchronising meal orders from third-party applications to Zoho Books. The enhanced synchronisation greatly improved operational efficiency and financial transparency.


Our team has managed to give our client the best solution for their business needs, we successfully addressed all the business requirements:

95% – 98%

Significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

92% – 95%

Improvement in decision-making with real-time insights.

85% – 88%

Enhanced marketing and customer retention rate increase

Achieved Accurate Financial Records

The synchronised system is achieved across all the branches.

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