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  • April 28, 2024
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Case Study-Zoho For Made to Order Manufacturing


Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventor


Sherwood Park, Alberta



Project Background

The company sells and rents field heat-treatment equipment, consumables, and bolting tools. They also provide field machining equipment and hydraulic lifting products to the industry. The company has a long history of innovation, responsible operation, and customer service. However, they are facing challenges in their work. Manual work in their industry has held them back and increased the risk of operational incidents

Business Problems

Manual Work:-

The company used a lot of manual processes across different departments, which resulted in inefficient work, mistakes, and delays. Data entry, billing, and reporting processes were affected and susceptible to human error, which affected their overall efficiency.

Order Management:-

The company had issues with inconsistent order management systems, which led to discrepancies in orders, late processing of orders, and problems with tracking the status of orders. The lack of integration between the sales process, production process, and fulfilment process has a negative impact on order fulfilment and customer experience.

Product Management:-

The lack of a unified product management system makes it challenging to keep track of product information and updates, and has a negative impact on order fulfillment.

Stock Management:-

Inefficient stock management processes led to inventory inaccuracies and stockouts that led to an impact on their customer service.

Business Objectives

Our Solutions


  • Zoho Inventory:- Our company implemented the Zoho Inventory to focus on product and stock management. We tailored the platform to their needs, centralising product, information, pricing and availability and streamlined inventory management processes.
  • Zoho Books:- Zoho Books simplifies their accounting operations, automates invoicing and helps them manage financial transactions efficiently. We set Zoho Books up to meet their accounting needs.
  • Zoho CRM:- We understand their sales process customized the platform according to their requirements and integrated it with existing systems. This streamlined lead management, tracking and customer engagement effectively.


  • ZOHO Books+ZOHO CRM+ZOHO Inventory:-
    We have integrated Zoho Books, Zoho CRM and Zoho Inventory to establish a seamless data exchange and optimise operational workflows. As CRM modules not directly connecting for invoicing and purchase orders. So, we utilized Zoho Books Inventory templates and created custom templates with HTML fields and layouts. This allowed seamless integration with Zoho CRM, ensuring smooth data flow between systems. Also, custom functions were developed in Zoho Books to analyze profitability and margins.
  • Payment Gateway Integration with Stripe + Zoho Books:-
    In integrating Stripe with Zoho Books for them, we aimed to streamline invoicing and payment processing. Once invoices were generated, clients received them with a secure payment link powered by Stripe. This allowed for convenient and secure payments directly from the invoice. Payment status updates were synchronized in real-time between Zoho Books and Stripe, reducing manual effort and errors. This integration accelerated cash flow, improved financial transparency, and enhanced the customer experience.

Impact Of Our Solutions

1) Enhanced Customer Experience:-Integrating payment gateways with invoicing systems allowed seamless transactions, improving the customer experience. Clients could easily make payments directly from invoices, leading to quicker payment cycles and increased satisfaction.

2) Operational Efficiency:-Automation and Integration of Zoho reduced manual workflows led to increased efficiency and productivity.

3) Improved Order Management:-Real-time order tracking and streamlined processes reduced errors and fulfilment time, enhancing customer satisfaction.

4) Enhanced Product Management:- Centralized product management and pricing with Zoho Inventory improve.


98% Improvement in Product Management 

95% Improved Customer Engagement 

Centralized Management 

Enhance Customer Trust 

Our solutions had a transformative impact in, driving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. By leveraging technology and innovative approaches, we helped it achieve its business objectives and position itself for continued success in the competitive machinery manufacturing industry.

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