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Case Study- Microlino Banner
  • January 13, 2024
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Case Study- Zoho for Automobile Manufacturing Company


Motor Vehicle Manufacturing


Zoho Inventory, WooCommerce 


Kusnacht ZH, Zurich 

Project Background

The company designed a vehicle for space-living and efficient urban mobility. They are designed to be small and as maneuverable as a motorcycle and offer protection against rough weather. Also, this company designed and recalled 1950s Isetta bubble cars. However, all their work is done manually, from packaging to delivery of parts, and they face many challenges in their business, so they need our help to implement Zoho Inventory and Woocommerce.


Business Problems

The Company Faced Several Challenges:

Inaccurate Stock Levels:

They use manual tracking and record keeping, leading to discrepancies and inaccurate representation of actual stock levels.

Delayed Order Processing:

With manual inventory management, they are facing a slowdown of order processing many times, and employees need help verifying stock availability, which causes delays in fulfilling customer orders. 

Order Fulfillment Process:

The accurate inventory records can result in fulfillment errors, such as shipping the wrong product or incorrect quantities, that lead to customer satisfaction and returns.

Difficulty in Sales Analysis:

Their manual process makes it challenging to analyze the sales data and trends, hindering the business’s ability to forecast future demand accurately.

Business Objectives

Business Objective-Microlono

Our Solutions


  • ZOHO inventory with WooCommerce:- Our experienced developers successfully implemented a seamless integration between Zoho Inventory and WooCommerce.
    With the help of this integration, their real-time synchronization ensures accurate stock levels, reducing the risk of overselling or experiencing stockouts. This integration has streamlined their order fulfillment operations, minimizing delays and enhancing overall efficiency. Their customers now benefit from more transparent and reliable shopping.  Additionally, the automation of tasks, such as product information synchronization and order processing, has reduced manual errors and allowed their team to focus on strategic aspects of the business.


  • Zoho Inventory:- Our company has successfully implemented Zoho Inventory to enhance its operational capabilities. The implementation began with creating dedicated Zoho Inventory accounts and acquiring API keys to ensure communication. We meticulously selected and integrated a Zoho Inventory connector plugin into our WooCommerce platform. This integration enables real-time synchronization, ensuring seamless updates of crucial data, including product details, inventory levels, and order information. 
  • WooCommerce:- We successfully implemented WooCommerce and created a WordPress website. Also, we integrated WooCommerce with Zoho Inventory, and the items of Zoho inventory sync with WooCommerce products and categories so that after placing an order on the website, it synced with the Zoho inventory sales order. 

Impact Of Our Solutions

  1. CRM Masters improve the packaging and delivery processes and reduce manual errors, increasing operational efficiency.
  2. The integration between Zoho Inventory and WooCommerce ensured real-time data synchronization, providing customers and internal teams with accurate information.
  3. The optimization process resulted in faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.
  4. The implementation of the Zoho Inventory enables better management.
  5. The streamlined operations and improved order fulfillment processes increase the company’s overall customer experience.


Implementing Zoho inventory reduces manual packaging and delivery, leading to significant company improvements.

90% Faster Order Fulfillment 

95% Gain Customer Trust 

98% Reduce Manual work 

Positive customer feedback 


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