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CRM Masters
Zoho for Real Estate Agency
  • May 11, 2024
  • CRM-Masters
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Case Study- Zoho For Real State Agency


Zoho CRM


London, UK

Business Type

B2C (Business to Customer) 

Project Background

Our client is a UK-based online platform connecting property and advisors globally, believe in the importance of personal connections acting as a global marketplace, they enable advisors to share properties within their network in a unique, branded space.

With advanced technology, they facilitate the seamless sharing of listing among brokers worldwide, granting access to markets customized to their assets.

Business Problems

Manual CRM Management: They were facing difficulties due to inefficiencies of manual operations, which was hindering productivity and accuracy in CRM management.

Complex Data Management: The complicated task of segregating data between agents and brokers created bottlenecks, resulting in inefficiency and compromised data integrity.

Regional Management: Managing diverse regions and brokers creates challenges due to the absence of a structured system, leading to coordination issues.

Business Objectives

  1. Streamline CRM operations for improved efficiency.
  2. Implement a system to segregate data between agents and brokers seamlessly.
  3. Establish a structured system for managing diverse regions and brokers effectively.

Our Solutions

1) Zoho CRM Setup and Automation
We set up Zoho CRM to utilize automation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data management. This setup streamlines various processes, reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors.

2) Custom Data Models
To facilitate different data management needs, we created two customized models:

  • Properties Model: To manage and maintain all property data listed on the platform.
  • Agents Model: To organize and manage data related to agents.

3) Lead Management and Ambassador Model
We developed lead models to clarify property details in specific areas, enhancing the clarity and organization of property information.

4) Data Migration
We migrated the client’s complete data from Excel to Zoho CRM. Previously, data was handled manually, and this migration ensured better data management and accessibility.

5) Integration with Zoho Campaign
We integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaign to enhance customer engagement and marketing efforts. This integration allows for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

6) Property Match on a Single Click
We streamlined the process to quickly send matched property details to potential clients with a single click, improving response times and client satisfaction.

7) Customer Visit and Appointment Management
Efficient tracking and management of customer visits and appointments were implemented, ensuring better organization and follow-up.

8) Lease Agreement Management
An organized system was set up for handling lease agreements, ensuring compliance and efficient management of all related documentation.

Impact Of Our Solutions

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automation and customized data models helped in creating streamlined operations and boosting overall efficiency.
  • Improved Data Management: Segregation of data between properties and agents simplified management and enhanced data accuracy.
  • Structured Regional Management: The implementation of a structured system helps in making effective management of diverse regions and agents.
  • Seamless Integration: Integration with Zoho Campaign enhanced marketing efforts, resulting in improved customer engagement and lead generation.


90% Gain in efficiency for smoother operations.

Achieved 93-95% data accuracy.

98-99% Improvement in data management.

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