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  • December 15, 2023
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Case Study- Zoho CRM For Renewal Energy Company


Power Energy

Business Type

B2C (Direct to Customer)


Zoho CRM


Gurgaon, India


They are India’s Premier renewable energy, founded in 2014, boasting exceptional solar and wind technology capabilities. They have emerged as a prominent player in the renewable energy industry. The project undertaken involved the implementation of Zoho CRM for them. As a company committed to sustainable energy solutions, it sought to streamline its business operations, enhance customer relationship management, and optimise its sales processes.

Business Problems

Before meeting our team, they faced many challenges:

Inefficient Lead Management

To ensure that they are not missing any recurring leads, they require assistance with implementing a lead management system that can be used to compare leads every month.

Region-Wise Tracking Sales

They faced challenges tracking and managing sales across different regions. Before implementing Zoho CRM, they need a centralized system for monitoring and analyzing regional sales performance. It impacts the ability to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, marketing strategies, and customer targeting.

Lead Management System

Their lead management system was inefficient and lacked automation which resulted in a high number of leads falling through the cracks. They faced difficulty tracking and prioritizing leads effectively, leading to missed opportunities and lower conversion rates.

Better Reporting and Dashboard

They face challenges in managing different social media platfThey lacked real-time reporting capabilities and had no centralised dashboard for monitoring key performance indicators. It becomes more work for management to gain insights into the company’s overall performance and make data-driven decisions.
orms at one time.

Workflow Automation

The absence of workflow automation affects their daily operations, such as subsequent email communications or lead assignments to sales representatives that were previously completed manually. It wastes valuable time and increases the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies in client interactions.
orms at one time.

Data Filtration

To effectively execute marketing campaigns and engage customers in a personalised manner, organisations must be able to filter and segment customer and lead information effectively. With the ability to do so, marketing efforts were effective and likely to produce the desired outcomes.
orms at one time.

Manual Work

The reliance on manual processes was a common theme in this company’s operations. Many tasks were prone to human error, from data entry to lead follow-up to performance tracking. This manual approach not only hindered efficiency but also limited the scalability of their business. orms at one time.

Business Objectives

  • Track Leads 
  • Reduce Manual Work 
  • Streamlined Sales Processes
  • Improve Customer Insights
  • Need Dashboards for better reporting

Our Solutions


Zoho CRM

Implementation of Zoho CRM facilitated a unified view of customer data and empowered sales and marketing to manage leads efficiently and provide a personalized experience.

Improve Lead Conversion

After implementing Zoho CRM, the company experienced a 30% increase in lead conversion rates due to better lead management and follow-up automation.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With centralized customer data, they could offer more personalized services, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Better Data Filtration

With the implementation of Zoho CRM in their company, their data filtration process and customer and lead information segmenting are improved effectively.

Enhance Data Privacy and Security

 Data Privacy and security were paramount for the company, and our solution addressed these concerns comprehensively. Zoho CRM’s robust security features and data encryption ensured the confidentiality and integrity of customer data. This enhanced security protected the company’s reputation and ensured compliance with data protection regulations and legal issues.


By leveraging Zoho’s suites of applications, they successfully addressed all business challenges about 85-90%

Better dashboard and Reporting

Better Data Filtration Process

Gain better financial management.


Boost customer engagement


Increase in Lead Conversion

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