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CRM Masters
Green Integration - Case Study
  • January 24, 2024
  • CRM-Masters
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Case Study- Zoho CRM
for Solar Energy Panel


Solar Energy


Zoho one

Business Type

B2C (Business to Customer)



Project Background

Our client stands tall as a trusted partner in the vast expanse of Canada’s renewable energy landscape, offering turnkey solutions to environmentally conscious businesses and homeowners. From EV charging to LED lighting and cutting-edge solar energy solutions, they are pioneers of innovative technologies and strategies that promise sustained value in energy and sustainability.

Business Problems

The Company Faced Several Challenges:

However, even innovators face challenges. Our client identified several business pain points: 

Lack of CRM Tool: Customer interactions and data were difficult to manage without a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. To overcome this challenge, maintain a centralised platform to manage day-to-day operations. These inefficiencies hinder the client’s ability to tailor their approach to individual customer needs.

Lead Processing: The
process of lead management needed optimisation to ensure a streamlined and efficient approach. Challenges in the efficient lead management process risked potential opportunities slipping through and posed difficulties in evaluating the effectiveness of different lead generation strategies. A more streamlined approach became crucial to enhance overall lead processing efficiency.

Lack of Chatbot for Interaction: In an era of instant communication, the absence of a chatbot hampers real-time interaction with potential clients. The lack of real-time interaction through a chatbot impacted user satisfaction and missed opportunities for quick query resolution and potential lead conversion. Bridging this gap became essential for fostering immediate and meaningful connections with prospects.

Layout Changes for Chatbot: The existing chatbot layout required enhancements to align with evolving user expectations and industry standards. Enhancements became necessary as user preferences changed. 

Business Objectives

Business Objective


With a clear understanding of these challenges, we helped our client to achieve the following objectives:

Implement a Comprehensive CRM Tool: To integrate a powerful CRM system to streamline customer interactions, track leads, and enhance overall efficiency.

Optimise Lead Processing: Implement solutions to improve lead processing, ensuring a seamless journey from inquiry to conversion.

Introduce Chatbot for Real-Time Interaction: Enhance customer engagement by introducing a chatbot for instant and interactive communication.

Revamp Chatbot Layout: Undertake layout changes to the chatbot interface to provide a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Our Solutions

To address these challenges and meet their business objectives, our client turned to the power of Zoho One:

Lead Gathering from Zoho CRM: We leveraged Zoho CRM to gather and manage leads, ensuring a centralized platform for comprehensive customer relationship management.

Zoho Forms: Multiple forms integrated into the website implemented Zoho Forms, integrating multiple forms seamlessly into the website for efficient data collection.

Zoho Sales IQ: Chatbot for user interaction introduced Zoho Sales IQ to embed a chatbot into the website, enabling real-time interaction and engagement with users.

Alert Notifications on User’s Profile: Implemented alert notifications directly on the user’s profile to facilitate prompt responses and personalised interactions.

Lead Generation with Sales IQ (Chatbot): Leveraged the power of Zoho Sales IQ to enhance lead generation through the chatbot, fostering proactive user engagement.

Impact Of Our Solutions

The implementation of Zoho One solutions yielded significant results for Green Integrations:

  • Efficient CRM Management: Integrated CRM streamlined customer interactions, leading to more effective relationship management.
  • Streamlined Lead Processing: Optimized lead processing solutions resulted in a more efficient journey from inquiry to conversion. This not only streamlined the process of acquiring leads but also provided a comprehensive view of customer interactions.
  • Real-Time Interaction with Chatbot: After introducing the chatbot, our client facilitated instant communication, significantly improving user engagement. We embedded a chatbot directly into the website, providing users with instant communication and engagement. 
  • Interactive Platform: Zoho Sales IQ transformed the website into an interactive platform, fostering meaningful conversations and addressing user queries promptly.
  • Enhanced Chatbot Layout: The revamped chatbot interface met user expectations, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.


As a result of these transformative solutions, our client experienced the notable following achievements:

  • Improved CRM management
  • 90% increase in lead generation and conversions.
  • 90-95% Operational efficiency soared.
  • Streamlined lead processing.
  • Real-time interaction through the chatbot.
  • Heightened user satisfaction and engagement.

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