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Case Study Salesforce for a Real Estate Business

Integration of Salesforce for a Real Estate Business

About Company Salesforce for a Real Estate Business

About the Case Study

The company provides nationwide solutions to address virtually any challenge facing cannabis operators. Working with clients across the globe made them feel the need for CRM integration to manage their business to monitor every stage of their sales cycle. We, at  CRM Masters, integrated Salesforce with their website made on WordPress, ensuring complete automation while eradicating all the challenges they were facing.


Before integrating Salesforce with WordPress, they used to manage all of their business processes through WordPress only. Inventory management even leads to slow sales processes. But the Salesforce streamlined the operational efficiency, increased the conversion rates, and automated the filling and filing of documents for them.

The Business

They strive to provide a one-stop solution to address various needs like location, licenses, financing,  engineering, equipment, construction, tax,  compliance, legal, etc., by deploying solutions. Their goal is to ensure that the clients they work with will understand the intricacies of each deal associated with selling, leasing, purchasing real estate, or licensing for Cannabis uses.

Challenges Salesforce for a Real Estate Business

The Challenges

Traditionally, real estate agencies would maintain paper files on the Excel sheet to handle multiple clients and listing at once. With that, they don’t only lose their time but also miss out on potential business opportunities. These days to stay ahead of the competition, you can’t afford to lose or pass prospective clients. Similarly, our client wanted to conveniently take care of all their clients and agreements and concentrate on closing more deals using the Salesforce sales automation solution.

Implementation and Results

To resolve the challenges faced by the company, we integrated Salesforce into their already built website on WordPress by writing a webhook in PHP language. The APEX Code was written to send the property details across both platforms. This triggered the process, and the property was automatically sent to the other platform. With all this, a few challenges also came along. These are discussed below, with their solutions laid.

  1. To avoid property duplication, we ensured that the property was checked earlier. It was only updated if it is unavailable on the required platform else the remaining information was updated.
  2. The APEX Code was written for Salesforce and a custom hook on WordPress, so whenever a new record is created or updated, the trigger got active, the property details kept getting transferred from WordPress to Salesforce and vice versa. This creates an infinite loop between both these. To overcome this, a flag was used so that the code can only run if it has been more than 1 minute since its creation.
  3. S3 bucket of AWS was used to save space in WordPress and Salesforce. The URL was then copied and linked to the desired property. To achieve this in WordPress we installed a plugin and in Salesforce this was achieved using the REST APIs and authorization was done using advanced features such as ‘Custom Settings’ and ‘Named Credentials’.
  4. The APEX callouts are asynchronous which means one call doesn’t wait for the other to be completed thus creating a problem of properties being created without the images related to them. To solve this we had to make our code ‘queueable’ and make callouts wait for the other one.
  5. WordPress site was already running under some domain that was to be revoked so all the data had to be imported to Salesforce. However, as the data was humongous the trigger had to be converted to ‘batchable’ supporting vast data and dividing it into chunks and then processed to avoid clustering of records.
Results Salesforce for a Real Estate Business

Automate your Business with Salesforce

With such fierce competition, you need a business edge and tech edge. Customer retention is a high-priority challenge for Real-Estate agencies. A study even shows that retaining an existing customer is five times costlier than acquiring a new one.

Salesforce CRM is one of the most effective and exhaustive tools, equipped with cloud functionalities and intelligent automation that empowers agencies to minimize the response time to leads and clients. It also integrates sales and marketing data from multiple sources and channels of communication with minimal duplication and manual processes. With 360 degrees holistic approach, it indeed rules over other CRMs

About CRM Masters

CRM Masters provides cutting-edge professional services and always works hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible. In nutshell, we intend that our customers are loved by their customers.

We offer comprehensive Salesforce CRM services. Our cloud experts ensure they work closely with the client’s requirements to pitch services accordingly. Good contact management ensures that your firm enjoys a smooth implementation process. We intend that our clients are loved by their customers. Feel free to contact our experts for further details.


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