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Zoho One Applications

Zoho One: The Business Suite of 45+ Application

Are you looking to transform your business operations, apps, and processes with a robust and multifunctional operating platform?

Zoho one is a suite of applications that offers unique packages of 45+ Zoho One applications to run small and medium-sized business processes on the cloud. The 45+ Web applications of Zoho One are under a single sign-on along with centralized administration and provisioning to make it a proper operating system for any business.

The Zoho One application provides a customizable platform that enables smooth communication between departments and boosts the performance of an organization.

Benefits of Zoho One

The main feature of Zoho One is to grow your business across the world. A few benefits of Zoho One are given below:-

  1. You can increase your Operational Efficiency of project management, sentiment analysis, help desk, and ticket tracking with the help of Zoho one suite.
  2. It energizes your support teams by creating multi-channel support to interact with your customers and address their needs.
  3. Zoho One creates the right set of tools by empowering effective communication between teams or with customers as it believes it is the core pillar of effective businesses.
  4. Bring accountability to your accounting system from invoicing to order management to account, and organize your company’s financial processes.
  5. You can Run and engage market campaigns both online and offline by using the Zoho One app.
  6. You can Manage your Employees with care, find new talent, and schedule their interviews to onboard successful candidates with the help of Zoho’s HR management tools.
  7. You can draw actionable insights for your business by using AI/Analytics.

Zoho One Application

The application of Zoho One is divided into various categories, and some perform similar actions, which could be overwhelming to understand what each one is used for.

Let’s discuss the overview of the Zoho One application.

Zoho One Category


The Better experience begins with aligning all your teams and making sure they keep customers at the center of whatever they do.

  • CRM: Zoho CRM is a Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platform that helps to manage your sales, marketing, and customer facets of small-sized to medium-sized businesses.
  • Bigin: All you require is Bigin to centralize your client activities on a single platform. It deals with sales, support tickets, customer onboarding, order fulfillment, testimonials of customers, contracts and everything in between you required for your business.
  • Booking: Booking is an online schedule app that allows you to create a calendar so that your clients can book appointments with you. It is linked with other calendars like Google and Office that help you in your business meetings.


With the help of Zoho One, your marketing team can create a strong online presence, communicate effectively with customers, and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budgets.

  • Marketing Automation: Marketing automation helps you to manage any marketing activities across various channels like websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Campaign:  Campaigns help you to create attractive designs, customized messages, send emails, and connect with new customers. With the help of Zoho campaigns, you can manage your emails and SMS from a single place.
  • Social Media Marketing: 
    This application manages all your social media in one place. You can connect with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media networks.
    With the help of this application, you can schedule your post, comment on any answer and see reports of all your social in one place. You can also integrate it with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk.
  • Survey: With the help of a survey application, you can create surveys within minutes that you have to share with your contacts.
    With over 25 question types, and features like skip logic and piping you can design your perfect survey and share it using social media and email campaigns. With the help of SSL protection, your survey remains safe and positive.
  • Forms: You can create beautiful forms with 30+ field types, customizable themes, and situation-specific templates with a simple user interface.
    You can share the form links on social media or your target audience through email campaigns. Also, you can optimize and measure your form performance with the help of UTM tracking and analytics of forms.
  • Sites: Zoho Sites is a website builder that helps you to create and host your website. The visual editor tool of Sites helps to brighten up your website’s appearance and make it more beautiful.
  • Page Sense: Page Sense optimizes your website metrics once the code is installed on your website. It tracks user behavior on your website and checks how users interact with your different pages. You can see graphs and optimize your website accordingly.
  • Sales IQ: You can add this application to your website to chat with visitors and see the engagement of every user on your website. You can see the information from Sales IQ if the user is in contact with your CRM. With the help of this, you can also create a chatbot and set active hours.
  • Backstage: Backstage manages end-to-end events which are organized by you or your organization. Backstage provide 0% commission on events ticketing.
  • Commerce: Zoho Commerce has all the tools that are required to build a website. It accepts orders, tracks inventory, processes payments, manages to ship, markets your brand, and analyzes your data.


Your support staff has access to a wide range of tools with Zoho One that can help them handle requests across channels, and solutions and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Zoho Desk: Zoho Desk helps you to centralize all support-related communications between you and your customers. This application makes easier customer service operations for your organization. Zoho Desk provides fast resolution to every organization startups to enterprises.
  • Assist: With the help of Zoho Assist, you can easily access remote computers anywhere in the world without any difficulties. Zoho Assist supports any type of desktop-like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device.
  • Lens: The primary distinction between the lens and Zoho Assist is that the emphasis is on support equipment rather than computers. The employee or customer can show you their equipment problem via the phone camera, and you can help them find a solution.


  • Zoho Mail: Zoho Mail provides unparalleled security and privacy to host your business email. With the help of Zoho Mail, you can create a domain for your business and also create custom email addresses for your users.
  • Cliq: It helps you to create chat groups, channels, messages, files, images, videos, and more for your organization’s people. You can use your chats from any other Zoho app, like Zoho CRM.


  • Projects: Projects is a cloud-based project management application that can manage your projects, timesheets, and tasks easily. It is a flexible and easy-to-use application with a lot of customization features.
  • Connect: A private social network for your business is Zoho Connects which allows all users to share data including documents, photos, and videos. Also, you can create groups for employee forums, manuals, and business events.
  • Learn: You can build articles, lectures, and courses with Zoho Learn. This application also helps you to train your staff. The worker may take a test when class is over. Your lessons can be created using pictures and videos.
  • Team Inbox: With the help of Team Inbox, it is easy to set up a business email account and share it with several users so that everyone has access to all the emails. From that inbox, the users may view and reply to any email, keeping everyone in the loop.
  • Meeting: The meeting allows you to have online meetings and broadcast webinars. It also connects with other Zoho products like CRM, mail, projects, and connect.
  • Work Drive: Work Drive is a cloud-based application. With the help of a working drive, you can create folders, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and upload any files you want.

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  • Writer: The writer allows you to create documents and templates. You can also share them with other users, and work together on editing.
  • Sheet:  You can work on Excel by using the Zoho sheet.
  • Sign:  The sign is a complete digital solution for every business. You can send signs to your clients, allocate files, and upload PDF documents. The paper will be available for them to sign online. Many Zoho One products, including CRM, desks, people, and books, are integrated with Sign.
  • Notebook: This is a note-taking application where you may share your notes for collaboration and add text, images, and voice. A few Zoho applications, including CRM, mail, meetings, cliq, and projects, are integrated with it.
  • Vault: With the help of Zoho Vault, you can store passwords and private information in the password manager tool.


  • Books: Zoho Books is accounting software that can help you to create and send invoices, register payments, and manage expenses.
  • Invoice: Books and invoices are comparable. You can manage your finances through invoices if you work for yourself or own a small business.
  • Expense: With the help of Zoho Expense, you can record expenses, check mileage, organize travel itineraries, and receive reimbursements.
  • Checkouts: You can create a payment page with Checkout to accept online payments anywhere.
  • Payroll: Zoho Payroll is used to comply with both federal and state tax laws.


  • Inventory: Inventory is a stock management program that you may use to monitor and track your orders’ shipping status. It interfaces with eBay, Amazon Shopify, and several Zoho apps.
  • Subscriptions You can create and manage recurring invoices and subscriptions with the help of Zoho subscriptions.

Human Resources

  • People: Zoho People is a human resource application that manages each of your employee data and other activities. You can use it to assist with hiring, onboarding, attendance tracking, time tracking, and shift scheduling processes. It integrates with tasks, costs, indicators, and other things.
  • Recruit: Recruit is a candidate-tracking application that assists you in the hiring process. Here, you can manage all the candidates and maintain a list of your open positions.

Business Process

  • Analytics: You can add and analyze various data sources with the help of Analytics. You can construct boards to present the data by using tables, charts, and other tools.
  • Creator: Zoho Creator creates apps for your company. Although it is a low-code platform, to fully utilize it, you will need to become familiar with Locks-Zoho programming.
  • Flow: Workflows can be made using Flow to automate business procedures.
  • Data Prep: Zoho Data Prep helps you to clean up data before importing it into Zoho Products.

It assisted in cutting down the time we spent transferring CRM data and external analytics data by 75 to 80%.


  • Contracts Management: It is a comprehensive Contract management application that helps to streamline the contract lifecycle, reduce business risk, and many more.


Zoho One is an all-in-one software suite that offers more than 45+ business applications that are designed to help companies streamline their operations and improve their productivity. These applications cover a wide range of business needs, including sales, marketing, customer support, finance, HR, and many more.

With Zoho, One business can reduce its software cost and avoid the hassle of managing software solutions. This process becomes easier with CRM Masters as we are the Certified Zoho Consultant Partner, Equipped with the expertise and knowledge to provide comprehensive Zoho solutions to businesses of all sizes.

As a Zoho Consulting Partner, we have access to a range of resources and tools that enable us to deliver unmatched Zoho implementations, integrations, and customization services to meet the specific need of our clients. We deliver a high-quality, cost-effective, and scalable solution that helps to grow your business around the world.