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Zoho Assist: The Best Alternative of Anydesk

If you are looking for the best alternative to Anydesk, Zoho Assist is the best option with its unique features. Zoho Assist combines security and seamless remote support at half of the price.
You can check below if you want to know more about how Zoho Assist is the best AnyDesk alternative.

About Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based software that provides secure, reliable, and high-quality remote desktop solutions. It offers complete connections to your PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and servers along with access to top features like File Transfer, Multi-Monitor Navigation, sending Ctrl+Alt+Del, Reboot and reconnect, session transfer, importing Google Contacts, Custom reports, and many more.

Features of Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist offers plenty of features that make it better than any other remote software.
Here are some features given below:

  • With the help of the desktop plugin feature, you can quickly start a remote support or solo session directly from your desktop, eliminating the need to visit the Zoho Assist website each time.
  • Zoho Assist provides a report support session across various time zones, allowing file transfers up to 5GB.
  • You can use text, audio, and video chat during a support session.
  • You can start a remote support or unattended session directly from your desktop with the help of the desktop plugin feature.
  • With the help of Wake on LAN, you can swiftly boot or turn on a remote computer from the position of being completely shut down.
  • Even if your remote client is not physically there, you can control the computer by utilizing the unattended remote access capability from any location.
  • Zoho priority is user security, so it provides the best security service with 256-bit AES encryption, a powerfully built firewall configuration, and a multi-factor authentication process.
  • Zoho Assist integrated the leading help desk solutions, such as Zoho’s desk, G suite, Zendesk, and much more. It helps you to customize software and employs unattended access capabilities.
  • Zoho Assist provides features like Swap Screen, Screen Sharing, and application sharing between you and the technician.
  • With the help of Zoho Assist, you can easily connect with multiple monitors. You can remotely restart the computer during the session and immediately reconnect without breaking the current connection.

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It’s Time to Switch to Zoho Assist from AnyDesk!

Let’s Compare Zoho Assist with Anydesk and make it easy for you to select the best.

  • Zoho Assist Pricing (Best Alternative of Anydesk)

When running a small business, it is necessary to use a service that offers more features at a lower cost. If you are using AnyDesk, then switch to Zoho Assist and save money up to 30 percent.
Zoho Pricing Comparison with Anydesk Pricing

Alternative of Anydesk- Annual Plan

Anydesk Monthly Plan

  • Easy to Access

Zoho Assist gives easy access to your remote support console directly from your browser. The web-based console of this remote desktop software allows technicians to troubleshoot now from their browsers without the requirement of downloads on their end. Zoho Assist is the best alternative to Anydesk as it provides browser bases access from anywhere at any time.

  • License Sessions

Zoho Assist offers an infinite number of concurrent license sessions when using an unattended device, while AnyDesk allows only two concurrent licenses simultaneously.

  • Technician Licenses

Only 50 technician licenses are available under the AnyDesk advanced package, while Zoho Assist has unlimited technicians who can connect to unattended computers.

  • Help Centre

Zoho assists are available 24X7 available 365 days to support their customers worldwide. Zoho Assist allows technicians and customers to communicate via text, audio, and video chat, while AnyDesk only offers text chat for communication.

  • Functions

Zoho Assist offers 28 functions such as API, Access controls/permissions, Change management, multiple monitor access, file transfer, Incident management, live chat, real-time chat, SSL security, screen sharing, session recording, summary records, and so on, While AnyDesk only offers 23 functions to their customers.

Why do you have to choose Zoho Assist instead of AnyDesk?

  1. Zoho Assist provides one security solution for your support requirements.
  2. Zoho Assist is easy to use.
  3. Customers are using Zoho Assist instead of Anydesk not because of prices but their unmatched services.
  4. The Zoho Assist standard remote support and unattended access plans provide access to 25 unattended computers for unlimited support technicians.
  5. It gives you 256-bit AES encryption to ensure maximum security at costs during remote desktop access.
  6. It provides 24×7 customer service by phone, chat, or email.
  7. Zoho Assist standard saves 40% or more on your annual subscription price.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right remote desktop software for your business now become clear, but how you will onboard Zoho Assist for your business is still creating trouble.

CRM Masters is a premium Zoho Consulting partner that offers the best and most distinctive business solutions for every business. CRM Master has a lot of experience that gives insight into the market and the ability to use the most up-to-date technologies to provide customers with a great experience.

Zoho Assist is the best alternative to Anydesk. Try Zoho Assist today with the help of CRM masters and enjoy all benefits at a reasonable cost.