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Zoho Vault and Zoho One Auth
  • May 14, 2024
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How to Protect Your Online Accounts With Zoho Vault and Zoho One Auth

Your online accounts contain all sorts of personal and confidential information. From your bank account details to your social media accounts, protecting your online accounts is essential for keeping your privacy and security intact. Fortunately, there are tools out there that can help you manage and protect your digital identities. This blog will examine how Zoho Vault can help you keep your online accounts safe and secure.

What is Zoho Vault?

Zoho Vault is an easy-to-use password manager for businesses that helps you securely store, share, and manage passwords for your online accounts. It protects and automatically fills your passwords across your favorite websites and mobile apps.

Features of Zoho Vault

1) Password Security

You can store all your passwords and sensitive data in one place. You can also create your passwords and import passwords from external sources.

2) Integrate with Popular help desks

With Zoho Vault, you can manage your shared passwords by controlling password access requests through verified help desk tickets, such as Service Now, zendesk, sDP On-demand, and more.

3) Data Backups

You can also backup your data regularly to your cloud or email accounts and encrypt your data.

4) Extra security for critical passwords

With the help of Zoho Vault, you can also set up access controls on mission-critical shared passwords to stop unauthorized access.

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What is Zoho OneAuth?

Zoho OneAuth is Zoho’s free Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) app that protects your Zoho and third-party applications to enhance your enterprise security.

Benefits of Zoho OneAuth

Zoho OneAuth offers various advantages, but here are a few that stand out:

a) Safeguard your business

With OneAuth, you can easily set up multi-factor authentication across your business.

b) No Password is required

With OneAuth’s passwordless login, you can access your Zoho apps more quickly and securely.

c) SSO for mobile apps

Zoho OneAuth allows you to log in once and into new Zoho Mobile applications without re-entering your credentials.

d) MFA for all accounts

With OTP authentication, you can protect your Zoho account and any other account you may have outside of Zoho. You can also back up your OTP credentials to the cloud.

e) 24X7 available

You can use Zoho OneAuth on any of the following platforms iOS, Android, iPad, macOS, watchOS, and Windows.

How to Protect Your Account with Zoho Vault and Zoho OneAuth

1) Unlock Vault without a master password

You can unlock Zoho Vault only with the password that only you know. Recently, Zoho introduced the option to unlock Zoho Vault without a password through Zoho Oneauth and other authentication methods. With this method, you can easily log into Zoho Vault through the web and browser extensions without entering the master password each time.

2) OTP auto-fills for stored accounts

You can now set up and manage Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your stored Zoho Vault accounts using Zoho OneAuth integration. Once you’ve configured your account successfully, you’ll get a push notification via your Zoho OneAuth app asking you to access the OTP. After approval of the notification and verify your face ID/fingerprint, the OTP will automatically be filled out on the website where you signed in. This automated process removes the need to manually enter the TOTP (Time-based One type passwords) automatically.

3) MFA for Zoho Vault

Your Zoho vault account is a critical part of your business, and you must set MFA on your password managers. If you are an admin in your Zoho vault configuration, you can set MFA for everyone in your company for an extra layer of protection.


Safeguarding your online accounts is about more than just convenience. It’s an essential part of protecting your online identity and sensitive data. By implementing strong security measures, you can protect your online accounts from unauthorized access, data breaches, and more. Take proactive steps to protect your online identity today using tools such as Zoho Vault or Zoho OneAuth.

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