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Zendesk-Best Customer Service Software

Upgrade Customer Experience With an Extensive Zendesk Helpdesk Solution.

Zendesk is the transformative power of your customer support operations. With Zendesk’s comprehensive support software, you can elevate your customer experience. From streamlining ticket management to providing seamless omnichannel support, Zendesk equips your team with the tools they need to deliver exceptional service. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Zendesk is the partner you can rely on for efficient customer support.

Zendesk - Customer Engagement Platform

Helps You Deliver Unforgettable Customer Experiences With Zendesk

We Empower Businesses to Deliver the Best Possible Customer Support Experience With Zendesk Implementation.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best Zendesk implementation services in the industry. Our expertise and experience provide a seamless and efficient setup that meets your business requirements. Our team of skilled professionals will help you through every stage of the implementation process from the initial design to customization and integration. We offer industry-leading, simple, reliable, and cost-effective services.

Zendesk Support Services

Trusted Partner for Delivering Exceptional Customer Support


Zendesk Support

Support is a ticketing system that helps you efficiently manage customer inquiries and provide timely resolutions. We help you implement and customize Zendesk Support to align with your unique support processes. Our expert will configure ticketing workflows, set up automation rules, and optimize your knowledge base to improve customer satisfaction and streamline support operations.


Zendesk Guide

The guide is the ultimate Knowledge base solution for delivering exceptional customer support. You can empower your customers with self-service access to a comprehensive library of articles, FAQs, and resources. Our team of experts will help you customize and optimize your knowledge base, ensuring seamless navigation and powerful search capabilities.


Zendesk Chat

Live Chat software that enables real-time customer interactions on your website or mobile app. Our experts can help you to implement and customize Zendesk Chat, integrating seamlessly into your website or mobile app. We will configure all chat settings, develop chat functionalities and provide training to your agents to deliver exceptional chat support experiences. 


Zendesk Talk

The go-to solution for seamless communication and elevated customer support experience. We are here to help you with features such as call routing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and call recording, you can efficiently handle customer inquiries in real-time.


Zendesk Explore

The ultimate analytics and reporting solution for your customer support operations. Designed to analyze, understand, and share your business information. From configuring customizable dashboards to providing insights, we are here to help you to unlock the true value of Zendesk Explore for your business.


Zendesk Sell

Streamline your sales processes & drive revenue growth. The ultimate sales automation and CRM platform that empowers your business. From optimizing your pipeline management to providing valuable results on sales performance, we are a trusted partner to increase the value of your business with Zendesk Sell. 

We Provide The Best Unified Helpdesk Approach

With Our Expertise in CRM Solutions, Trust Us to Deliver Seamless Integration, Customization, and Support to Maximize the Potential of Your Zendesk Solution.

Make a Strong Support Experience with Zendesk Apps

Discover a Range of Powerful and Innovative Apps to Enhance Your Zendesk Experience.

Zendesk Mobile App

  1. Create new tickets to make quick updates. 
  2. Notifications alert updates on assigned tickets. 
  3. Get to the right ticket immediately using the search 
  4. Filter through the queue with views 
  5. Slide easily and move to the next ticket.

Zendesk Desktop App

  1. Access to your support system is just a click away
  2. Manage customer interactions across multiple channels. 
  3. Real-time collaboration with support team members. 
  4. Security and reliability are at the top. 
  5. User-friendly interface with seamless multichannel support. 

What make us out of the box solution provider !

Why Choose CRM Masters

Focused Solution

We focus on providing Zoho CRM solution of your problem rather than selling our services. We ensure ZOHO is Valuable.

Power of Team

Our Team's diverse skills & Expertise in all Zoho apps can bring a range of perspectives to problem-solving & effective solutions for your business.

Systematic Project Management

Structured methods & Processes to plan, execute, control projects. Helps to ensure that they are completed on time, within budget, & to the required quality standards.

No Hidden Cost

Always think of it as a good idea to provide detailed estimates & clear understanding of the costs involved & can make informed decisions about whether to use your services or not.

Cost Effectiveness

Budget constraints, we offer Zendesk cost-effective solutions that helps maximize value of your investment.

Account Manager

Dedicated Person to ensures efficient & effective execution of every project, seemless communication & tracking of progress towards project goals.

No False Promise under Delivery

False promises or overstating what we can deliver is not in our best practices. We always communicate with honesty and transparency to maintain the trust have in us.

Honest Consultancy

Honest Advice & Recommendations to our clients based on needs & goals, rather than seeking our own interests so that the client is aware of any limitations or any constraints.

Zendesk Benefits

Experience the Power of Zendesk

Stay Connected With Customers Across Channels Using Zendesk Omnichannel Support.​

Exceptional Customer Experience

Provide customer cross-channel support and easy-to-use tools with a robust ticketing system. Resolve issues quickly and effectively so you can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

24X7 Global Support

When you are in a problem Zendesk will never be left you alone. Our dedicated support team is available 24×7 to help you and ensure that your customer support operations run smoothly. 

Maximize ROI

Reduces cost analysis can save money and increase productivity. The omnichannel solutions of Zendesk can improve your support and whether it’s giving back time to your customers & agents or increasing your ROI. 

Multichannel Support

You can meet your customer’s expectations by offering support across various channels like email, live chat, social media, and phone. Zendesk dashboard consolidates all customer interactions and allows support agents to seamlessly switch between channels. 

Integrate with your favorite business apps

With 1,000+ supported integrations, Zendesk integrates seamlessly with the apps you use the most, like Shopify, Slack, JIRA.   

Reduced Support Cost

Efficient support operations can significantly impact your cost savings. With Zendesk support you can optimize resource allocation and streamline workflows which contribute to reducing your support costs.

Success Stories


CRM Masters Infotech

Founded in 2016, CRM Masters Infotech (ISO 9001:27001) is a Zoho Premium Partner and a Salesforce Certified Partner.

Our services include building custom solutions using Zoho and Salesforce in order to meet our clients' needs for robust, scalable, and complex IT solutions.

We operate in the USA, UK, UAE, and INDIA. A vast client base of 400+ clients, along with 500+ implemented and serviced projects across the globe can attest to our ability to service clients worldwide.
In response to the advent of cloud-based technology, including web and internet platforms, we are a company that specializes in facilitating digital transformation of your organization.

Helping Every Business by Improving Their Customer Experience Since 2016.

Everything we do with an idea of making our customers are loved by their own customers. By using the right set of Technologies, Architecture and right mindset. We help organization by transforming them into a better Customer Engaged Company which increases their revenue as a whole.

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Customers Reviews


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