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Case Study : Consultancy Organization – Zoho CRM Implementation

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About the Case study

This fast-growing and agile consultancy organization has evolved and expanded over the years to meet and anticipate the demands of the future. They are always examining the data with a keen eye, which prevents businesses and people from unleashing their potential. And in doing so, they felt the need for a management tool, which could automate their different processes. That is when they decided to go for Zoho CRM with other automation tools.


But before the implementation of Zoho CRM and integration of Zoho Tools with their system, they were struggling with the management of the services. None of the other options felt right as they were not designed according to their business needs. We at CRM Masters customized the Zoho CRM and the tools by keeping an eye on the different activities and various deals they were looking for in their business.

The Business

They are a strong, growing, high-technology organization that values hard work, collaboration, and innovation. They actively seek and develop intelligent, passionate individuals from various backgrounds to bring the businesses a fresh approach. They have impeccable minds to train the consultants and transform them well.

Case Study Crm Masters

The Challenges

The business most significant challenge was tracking and managing correspondences with all the clients. They had been managing the information with the simple software systems earlier. However, with broadening horizons, they need two to three separate platforms, particularly for the task they need to perform. When evaluated carefully, our team tackled this challenge.

Implementation and Results

To resolve the challenges faced by the company, we implemented Zoho CRM and other essential tools for them to automate and optimize various business processes, which are listed below:-
1. Integration with Zoho Recruit
After an individual fills the application form present at their website, the data was made to redirect to Zoho Recruit automatically. After inspecting the CVs/Resumes, the individual was shortlisted for the interview round. Thus, the Zoho recruit managed all the interview-related details.
2. Integration with Zoho People
After the company’s successful interview, they were added to Zoho People as a ‘Consultant.’ All the company’s related information was shared. For example, updates regarding leave policies, attendance, checkpoints, etc.
3. Implementation of Zoho CRM
When an individual is finally deployed for a position, all the details are exported to Zoho CRM because of its more comprehensive features and management. Different models were customized there for the selected candidate.
4. One-Click Login
With the Zoho One, they now had the ability to simultaneously work between different apps without signing in for them differently. This One-Click Login functionality proved to be of great use for them when they have to switch between Zoho Recruit, Zoho People, and Zoho CRM.

To understand this, let’s take a look at the journey: A candidate has to go through before landing in a company: To start with, a candidate must complete a 15-week training course in their lab. The company then ensures and helps them to deliver the projects efficiently. After the deployment at a firm, all the details are transferred to the Zoho CRM for future purposes. After completing the job period with that particular company, he is offered the following few companies to target for and even managers the interview dates related to that.
There is no denying that Zoho CRM works best for businesses due to its easy-to-use interface and cost-effectiveness compared to the other CRMs. After having the client’s requirements with us, the whole implementation process took us one year, but it was all worth it when the desired results were seen. The seamless integration among the Website, Zoho CRM, and Zoho tools helped our client uncover new business possibilities.

Case Study Crm Masters
Case Study Crm Masters

Automate your business with Zoho CRM

Changing technology is becoming the critical transformation agent for every segment in the industry. So, why waste time doing those repetitive and boring manual tasks when you can automate them using Zoho CRM. It is designed excellently and makes an ideal choice for every business size.

About CRM Masters

CRM Masters provides cutting-edge professional services and always works hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible. In nutshell, we intend that our customers are loved by their customers.
Our experts study the business needs of your organization to identify the most suitable CRM product for your business which can be implemented with minimum customization. In case, you have been losing sales and revenues due to a non-responsive CRM system that fails to add value after the employees leave the premises, we will get that taken care of by customizing the CRM. Also, CRM Masters as a Zoho Premium Partner helps you build your CRM from scratch.


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