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A business needs a financial plan, regardless of size, which is the most important thing. It’s a roadmap, a guideline, and a reminder of your goals. It helps you manage your cash flows by planning your taxes, spending your cash flow, and budgeting carefully. From small businesses to the world’s largest corporations, everyone forms a sound financial plan and performs the day-to-day operations to prioritize the areas that need to be funded and avoid the expenditures that don’t yield fruitful results.

And this is something Zoho Finance Plus Suite provides. It is a GST compiled unified platform for all your back-office needs. It bundles all your business accounting challenges into one, giving your business visibility into orders and fulfillment processes with accounting errors and hassle-free calculations.

The benefits of the Zoho Finance Plus Suite are:

ZOHO Finance Crm masters

Apps included in Zoho Finance Plus Suite are:

1. Zoho Invoice:

As a free GST invoicing software, Zoho Inventory can effectively streamline a business process. Some of its benefits are:

  • Easy templates help create professional invoices.
  • You can handle customer returns and manage refunds effectively using credit notes.
  • You can create delivery challans to accompany your goods while in transit.
  • You can track all your transactions and reimbursable expenses and thus bill your customers immediately.
  • It enables customers to pay through UPI, credit or debit cards, cash, bank transfers, or cheques.

2. Zoho Books:

It is effective online accounting software that helps the businesses in the following ways:

  • Keeping your business GST compliant: You can create GST invoices, know your tax liability, and file your tax returns easily.
  • Managing your finances: Zoho books efficiently help negotiate deals and raise sales orders and invoices.
  • Integration: You can add more than 40 applications by Zoho, which allows you to work collectively across all the platforms.

3. Zoho Inventory:

It is an inventory management software designed to do the following operations:

  • You can easily manage your sales, purchase activities, payments, invoices, and bills with Zoho Inventory.
  • You can control your stocks in different warehouses from Zoho Inventory.
  • Integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books helps you sell your products anywhere you want.
  • As it is easily compatible with different barcode scanners, you can easily add a Barcode system and add SKU, serial, batch numbers, etc.
  • A wide range of reports can be generated and shared easily to know the inventory aging, sales details, inventory valuation, and vendor payments.

4. Zoho Subscriptions:

It is a cloud-based billing and subscription solution that is innovatively designed to handle each aspect of your business.

  • Weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription models can be easily set up with auto-billing processes.
  • With the help of APIs, you can automate email alerts, custom functions, and buttons and track the subscription changes.
  • Multiple subscriptions can be added and managed easily with the Zoho Subscription.
  • You can customize the invoice template that reflects your brand with the numerous template options.

5. Zoho Expense

  • You can manage all the travel management, like setting up the pre-travel approval and enabling employees to report the expenses.
  • You can also control business expenditures with streamlined budgets.
  • From receipt scanning to approvals, you can automate all.

6. Zoho Checkout

You can build a custom and branded payment page with checkout within a few minutes and start accepting the payment immediately from your customers. Whether it is one-time or your current transactions, you can take the hassle out of collecting payments with it.

7. Zoho Payroll

You can process payroll and simplify compliance with it. Features of Zoho payroll are:

  • You can auto calculate the taxes, salaries, deductions, and benefits with zero errors.
  • Regional and national compliance can be maintained from anywhere in the world.


Zoho Finance Plus is an integrated suite that makes your business thrive.

ZOHO Finance Crm masters If you also wish to know more about it and wonder about deploying it, then feel free to contact our experts at CRM Masters.