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E-mail CRM integration increase your sales revenue

Improve your Sales with Email- CRM Integration

Communication in the digital world is crucial for every company, so investing in organizing and managing emails is essential as your CRM is the single point of truth for your business, so you should keep track of all your email correspondence with customers and prospects.

In this blog, you will learn about Email CRM integration, which means, Why CRM in sales is important, and which CRM is best for your business.

What is CRM Integration?

CRM integration is a process to connect your customer relationship management (CRM) platform with third-party company applications to increase the productivity of your business.

Enterprise-level firms use CRM to build strong client connections and provide visibility for their business drivers. We can also integrate CRM with email marketing solutions to synchronize email campaigns with CRM information. You can connect CRMs to email marketing with the help of specialized CRM integration tools available on the market.

What is CRM Email Marketing?

Using CRM Email Marketing means integrating CRM tools into your email marketing campaigns so you can send personalized and engaging emails to prospects and existing clients. It aims to keep you in your existing and potential customers’ minds.

Advantages of CRM Email Marketing

Using a CRM-enabled Email Marketing Platform (or an Email Marketing Platform that integrates with a CRM) can provide various benefits for your business, which are discussed below:

  1. Gain Better Insights about your prospects with a centralized data hub.
  2. Improve Sales with targeted and personalized campaigns.
  3. Boosts Engagement with existing customers.
  4. Easily finding new customers
  5. Benefit from marketing automation

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How Does CRM Integration Help to Increase Your Sales Revenue?

Did you know what is CRM in sales and how it is important for your business? Let’s discuss some ways in which you can increase sales revenue from CRM integration:

1) Make Leads Better

CRM implementation is to collect, organize, and improve results. Use a lead management system in your CRM to prioritize your leads. A CRM system does much more than merely keep track of contacts.

You will have a 360-degree picture of the most recent data on all leads and customers when your CRM System connects with marketing automation software, email marketing campaigns, social media, and other business tools.

You can identify which leads have the more chance of becoming customers and reach them at the ideal time with the help of CRM integration. It helps sales agents to save a ton of time and increases overall company productivity, directly affecting growth.

2) Generate Accurate Reports

The team may use various tools for tasks like email, talking, making calls, setting up meetings, and development of the sales staff cannot be tracked in a single place. You can gather, examine, sort, process, and save data in one location using an integrated CRM platform. You can get reliable reports and increase your sales with the help of CRM.

3) You Can Close More Deals for Your Business

Using CRM software, you can locate potential leads in your pipeline to speed up conversion. You can send staff members notices and reminders. You can define objectives and keep track of resource deadlines with the help of this application. These functions close more deals and increase your sales revenue.

4) Improve the Workflow of your business

It helps a lot to automate various types of reminders for the team’s daily work. They will always remember to meet with particular clients or make crucial phone calls at particular times.

If everyone on the team has a simple plan of action, they must follow each category of clients. It is simpler to coordinate the team’s work. Evaluation of the team’s progress is made simpler with the help of this software.

You can contribute to the development of a sales roadmap through workflow automation.

Which is the Best CRM Email Integration?

Zoho mail integration is one of the best CRM with email integration, which operates profoundly. It manages your business leads while simultaneously displaying email correspondence, task interactions, and notes related to them.

Advantages of Integrating Your Mail With Zoho CRM

A) Access Your Customer Email With CRM

If most of the work is done on the CRM, it should keep you updated with any prospects’ responses to your emails. By getting instant alerts from deals and contacts, Zoho CRM allows you to respond instantly, add follow-ups, and make notes as needed.

B) Schedule and Send Mass Emails

With Zoho CRM, email can be sent at a preset time or at the best time for each contact. With it, you can even reach many customers when sending out business updates or personalized follow-up emails to customers in bulk. It is also possible to add these activities to workflows as a one-time setup, so no customer is left unanswered.

C) Keep Yourself Updated with Email Status

With Zoho CRM, you can track your email by knowing when they were delivered, opened, & read. With its advanced filters, you can also identify leads that have yet to respond, as well as leads that are responding well and are ready to close. This analysis allows you to optimize follow-ups for maximum benefits.

D) Learn from Email Analytics

Because you can’t compare your email client’s analytics with actual sales, you may need help to determine how your emails result in a positive ROI. According to how many emails each salesperson sends, Zoho CRM creates individual email reports to show you how many emails are generated and closed deals.

E) Limit Your Important Emails to Selected Users

If your CRM users play different roles and your email communications are confidential, you may restrict their availability to a select group of key decision-makers. With Zoho CRM, you can define your email-sharing policy at the organizational level and update that policy in bulk for all users.

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We hope you have understood how Zoho CRM with Email Integration can bring many advantages to you and your business. If you wish to learn more about those, feel free to click on the given click.

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