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why do clients consider zoho crm as the best lead management solution

Lead management is a crucial part of any modern business process. It is a detailed process of converting incoming leads into business opportunities by qualifying, analyzing, and nurturing the available resources. Companies are hence always looking for top solutions that ease out the pressure on the team and use high-end technology for lead management. ZOHO CRM comes as a boon for businesses that are looking to boost their revenue using an optimized lead management system. Let us analyze the main functions performed by ZOHO CRM in managing leads.

What can ZOHO CRM do for clients?

ZOHO CRM offers end-to-end lead management. It owns the requisite tools and techniques to identify qualified leads from a large database of incoming leads. Evidently, it helps to nurture leads for quick conversion. In addition, ZOHO CRM analyzes and tracks information about multiple leads effectively and helps the clients engage with customers using multiple points. Let us now go through the working approach of ZOHO CRM that is the main reason for its popularity among different clients.

Why do clients like ZOHO CRM’s functioning?

Unlike any other CRM tool, ZOHO CRM has a six step functioning that covers the end-to-end lead management process for any business. These steps include:

  1. Lead generation

ZOHO CRM helps users to acquire leads from the landing pages of businesses hosted on Joomla, Un bounce, WordPress, or other leading content management systems without the need for any coding. Moreover, it is easy to push the new contact information from business cards or QR codes to ZOHO CRM. This further offers a live online website chat system for engaging customers. Integration with Twitter ensures that clients can have a look at all Twitter activities of their customers. Likewise, it is easy for clients to sync Facebook information to ZOHO CRM as well.

  1. Lead enrichment

One important factor behind the consistent popularity of ZOHO CRM is lead enrichment, which it ensures through its upscale tools. One of them is Zia, the intelligent sales assistance that completes the CRM data and comprises up-to-date information. Well equipped with data enrichment functionality, it generates data from the primary information. In short, it enriches the data provided to it and makes it usable by the sales team.

For instance, suppose an organization wants to track a particular company, individual, or website but it has limited information about it. Zia can explore the internet and crawl all the relevant web pages, email ids, etc., to gain additional details about the concerned entity. The sales team can leverage this data for predicting lead conversion. Depending on usability, the sales team can even decide to accept the important data and discard the rest. To add further, Zia notifies you instantly on the upload of any new data, thus contributing to your regime of lead enrichment.

  1. Lead distribution

It refers to forwarding the inbound leads generated through the marketing funnel, to the sales team. The predefined workflow rules help smooth leads distribution within teams over a specific department, product, or geography. ZOHO CRM allows assigning leads to sales reps with the help of ZOHO CRM web forms, which support CRM Assignment Rules.

  1. Lead nurturing

The omni channel communication offered by ZOHO CRM includes webinars, social media, live chat, person interactions, telephone, etc. It makes way for the best opportunities for lead nurturing. Not to miss is the effective targeted email marketing campaign.

  1. Lead conversion

ZOHO CRM offers dedicated apps that take care of follow-up tasks while converting leads to business. It also helps clients know about the highest performing ad campaigns with the help of ZOHO campaigns integrated with the capabilities of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. These practices help your business to maximize your leads conversion funnel thus ensuring an increased lead conversion rate.

  1. Lead analysis

The built-in analytics functionality of ZOHO CRM helps quick look over the crucial figures like lead sources, leads created, leads converted, conversion rates, and more. You can also seek the help of ZOHO CRM advanced analytics add-ons for in-depth data analysis.

Wrapping Up:

The step-by-step functioning of ZOHO CRM makes it a dedicated lead management thus, thus paving way for better return-on-investment, quick implementation, and higher adoption. It allows businesses to connect with global leads, saves time with automation features, and generates real-time reports and insights into leads management.

The advanced features like conversational artificial intelligence for smart selling, tight-knitted integrations, etc., make it a preferred CRM among the global clients. You can confide in ZOHO CRM, as it stands tall among the best lead management solution providers. It comes with a fifteen days free trial period so you can start with it straight away. Hopefully, now you know why ZOHO CRM is the best lead management solution and why you should embrace it to enrich your leads conversion funnel.