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ZOHO CRM is one of the best CRM solutions in the market that can be useful for many different types of businesses. It is one of the top 10 CRM software that is out there. It depends on the business regarding which customer relationship management (CRM) software is ideal. The one that perfectly matches your activities, objectives, and organizational structure is to be taken into consideration besides your appeal or preference. ZOHO has an affordable price, an easy-to-use user interface, and robust reporting capabilities.

The Free Edition, which offers no expenses and no obligations, is one of the various price plans offered by ZOHO. There are a maximum of three users who can use the free option. Many options provide a tonne of extra features and add-ons if you switch to a paid plan.

ZOHO CRM Pricing
ZOHO CRM Pricing

Courtesy: ZOHO

ZOHO CRM pricing and options

ZOHO is available to all businesses, regardless of budget, thanks to a few different pricing plan alternatives. Even though the lower plans have more restrictions on what you can do with the program, they are still a fantastic starting point for implementing CRM software in your business. Up to three persons may use the free plan. Anything above that places you in a different price bracket. The free edition gives you leads, contact, account management functions, reports, and analytics.

ZOHO Standard Plan

You receive more benefits from ZOHO’s initial paid level than from its free one. It costs ₹800per month if you pay for the entire year or ₹1300 per month if you pay every month.

But that cost is per customer. ZOHO costs ₹1600 per month for a full year paid in advance, or ₹2600per month for month-to-month if you have two employees using it.

This is simple to overlook but significantly impacts your monthly cost. If your business is small, you should limit the number of users on ZOHO and grant access to only those who require it.

With this ZOHO level, you receive everything that the free plan provides along with scoring rules, email analytics, and a lot more customization options across the board. This is essential if you want ZOHO to meet your unique demands rather than the standard needs provided by the Free Edition. The database size for the Standard plan is capped at 100,000 records.

ZOHO Professional Plan

When you upgrade your ZOHO Professional plan, you receive a number of important capabilities that can greatly benefit your business. This plan offers all the features of the Standard plan in addition to inventory control, Google Ads integration, and process management using ZOHO.

With an annual plan, the Professional plan costs ₹1400per month per user, and with a monthly plan, it costs ₹2100per month per user. It’s a complete CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises.

ZOHO Enterprise

The Enterprise plan could be able to meet your needs if the aforementioned options (standard and professional plan) can’t. This strategy is intended for small- to medium-sized firms that are on the larger side. It offers a variety of extra features in addition to what the professional level offer such as customer, vendor, and partner portals with multiple users. Additionally, it delivers Zia AI, an AI assistant that makes forecasts and recommendations. You’ll adore the Command Center, which enables you to tailor the client experience.

Enterprise is the best option if you want more customizing possibilities. You can alter page layouts, modules, buttons, web tabs, and more at this level. You also have the option to create and share original apps.

For an annual contract, this plan costs ₹2400per month per user, and for a monthly contract, it costs ₹3000per month per user.

ZOHO Ultimate

The Ultimate package is what you need to use ZOHO to its full potential. This plan offers more than the professional plan does in terms of features. You also get ZOHO Analytics at this level, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities and data. You may use ZOHO Analytics—self-service business intelligence and data analytics application, to view and analyze your data in a variety of creative ways.

Greater storage capacity, far more sophisticated customizations, and data enrichment are all features of ZOHO Ultimate. When you choose this level of ZOHO, you also get a free 30-day trial.

Your business will have to pay either ₹2600per month per user on an annual basis or ₹3200per month per user on a monthly basis.

One of the top solutions on the market for customer relationship management software is ZOHO. For small to medium-sized enterprises, the lower tiers of the pricing plans are ideal, while for larger firms with greater needs and a higher budget, the upper tiers, such as Ultimate, are suitable. ZOHO works for a wide range of businesses in a wide range of industries. In terms of pricing, it is more affordable than other CRM rivals and hence more accessible to small and medium-sized organizations.

As a ZOHO expert, CRM Masters offers assistance to small businesses looking to expand significantly using CRM software. Its ZOHO and Salesforce integrators make it possible for the firm to operate more efficiently and productively. It supports businesses in maintaining market share and boosting shareholder value. The fact that CRM Masters InfoTech has worked in multiple sectors makes it a favoured partner for many customers. As a result, CRM Masters InfoTech has established itself as one of the leading CRM businesses in India.