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Social Media Management with Zoho Social

Social Media Management with Zoho Social 

Social media is one of the most effective ways businesses get their message, interact with customers, create leads, and increase sales. But managing social media can be time-consuming, particularly for small businesses that don’t have a lot of resources. That’s where Zoho Social comes in. Zoho Social is an all-in-one social media management solution that allows you to manage all your social media accounts in one place.

Social media management is creating, publishing, marketing, managing, and analyzing content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Social media management is more than just updating a company’s social profiles. It also involves continually searching for new opportunities to expand your reach and visibility.

In this post, we’ll look at Zoho Social and how to use it to boost your social media presence.

What is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is an online social media marketing platform that helps businesses build and grow their online presence. By logging in to Zoho Social, you can connect with the right people at the right time to generate engagement with the right content.

You can run multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, and manage them all simultaneously. With Zoho Social, your social media marketing department can work with multiple accounts on the same platform using the same standard dashboard. This helps you keep track of the marketing revenue you spend on social media, allowing for more efficient budgeting.

Key Features of Zoho Social


  1. Social Media Scheduling
    Social Media Scheduling

    Zoho Social lets you plan your social media posts ahead of time. It’s an excellent tool for businesses who want to keep their social media presence consistent but don’t have time to create and post content daily. With Zoho Social, you can set up your social media calendar, plan posts for specific days and times, and even create recurring posts. This saves time and ensures you don’t miss crucial social media opportunities.

  2. Content Management
    Content Management

    Zoho Social provides a Content Management System that facilitates the organization of social media content for businesses. This system enables the creation of content categories, the addition of labels, and the search of content based on predetermined criteria. This system facilitates the retrieval and reuse of existing content, reducing time and increasing productivity.

  3. Social Media Monitoring
    Social Media Monitoring

    Zoho Social offers a comprehensive social media monitoring solution, allowing businesses to monitor their brand’s presence on social media platforms. This feature lets businesses stay informed of their reputation, quickly respond to customer inquiries and complaints, and interact with their followers. Additionally, Zoho Social offers analytics and insights to help businesses monitor their social media performance and make informed decisions.

  4. Custom Reports
    Custom Reports

    Zoho Social offers a range of custom reporting capabilities that allow businesses to create reports on their performance on social media platforms. This feature enables businesses to monitor key metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversions and create custom reports tailored to their requirements. By utilizing the Zoho Social platform, businesses can monitor the return on investment for their social media campaigns, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their social media strategies.

  5. Collaboration

    Zoho Social makes it easy for teams to work together to manage their social media accounts. You can assign tasks to people, keep track of their progress, and work together on campaigns. It’s an excellent way for businesses to make their social media processes easier and ensure everyone is on the same page.

  6. Integration

  • Zoho CRM Integration:- By leveraging social data, you can create leads from social channels and determine which social channels generate the most revenue. Streamline your Zoho CRM with social media data and assist your sales teams in closing deals faster.
  • Facebook Leads Ads Integration:- Connect your Facebook account to Zoho Social so you can track leads in real-time. See how your ads campaigns perform and drive leads to your Zoho CRM!
  • Linkedin Lead Ads Integration:- Zoho Social provides users with the ability to automate lead generation, track leads, track ad performance, integrate leads with the Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, and more.
  • Canva Integration:- The ‘Design on Canva’ button allows you to design and add images to your social media content. These images can be saved to the Zoho Social media library for you and your team to view.
  • Zoho Desk Integration:- You must ensure that social media updates are converted into tickets and that messages are responded to promptly. Collaborate with your support personnel to provide the highest quality of social customer support.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

  1. Finding Prospective Customers:- Social Networks are an excellent way for people to stay connected, discover what’s happening, and connect with others. It’s a great place to reach potential customers and find the right people for your brands.
  2. Engaging with your Customers:- Not only do you need to sell to your target audience on social media, but you also need to listen to and engage with your existing customers. That’s where brand insights and advice can come in.
  3. Building an online reputation:- Social media is a great place for brands to show off their skills and make a good impression. Use it to show off your successes and create a space people want to return to. An excellent online reputation is vital to creating a positive brand image.
  4. Creating more Inbound traffic:- If you’re a brand looking to increase your website’s visibility, promoting your site on social media or sharing interesting content on Twitter and Facebook is a good idea. This has two advantages: it increases your social media marketing efforts and brings more traffic to your site.
  5. Improving a Brand’s SEO Ranking:- A large amount of content that is easy to click on will increase website rankings, improving search engine rankings. Additionally, social media is a powerful tool to drive outbound website traffic, an invaluable SEO asset.

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Zoho Social provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline and elevate your online presence. From scheduling posts to analyzing performance metrics, Zoho Social empowers businesses and individuals to take control of their social media strategy.

Zoho Social does not stop at managing posts but facilitates meaningful interactions with your audience.

Contact the best Zoho Consulting Partner now to book a trial and transform your social media strategy with Zoho Social.