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what is new in the zoho crm software

ZOHO CRM software helps to update the data related to third-party applications or CRM modules by executing simple program scripts. Made in India, this web-based online office suite contains spreadsheets, word processing, databases, presentations, wikis, note taking, web conferencing, invoicing, project management, customer relationship management, and many more facilities.

ZOHO CRM is one of the best choices in the list of customer relationship management software. Its lower pricing plans suit the medium and small-sized companies the best way. ZOHO comprises a range of products like ZOHO One, ZOHO Analytics, Bigin, ZOHO Creator, and so on. Each of these products comprises numerous features to help businesses in their endeavors

Without a doubt, ZOHO CRM is useful software and it keeps growing in features and functionalities with time in all its products. Let us find out about the new capabilities that this software offered throughout 2021.

Multiple features of ZOHO CRM software

  1. Support for customizable user dashboards: Users can now develop their own dashboards using more than 50 widgets from different apps of ZOHO.
  1. Organization specific custom dictionary: Users can easily create an organization-wide dictionary that can update itself continuously.
organization specific custom dictionary
Organization Specific Custom Dictionary
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  1. Device management features: Now you can manage the devices of their employees and distribute them the apps by leveraging the capability of ZOHO CRM software regarding device management. 
  2. Hide feature: Users can de clutter the admin panel and launcher by using the “Hide” feature and hiding those apps, which they use rarely or do not use at all.
  1. Improved app logos: Users can upload their own logos for the apps like non-directory and directory apps, Custom apps, etc. 
  1. Improved security: The software allows the users to skip MFA in the trusted browsers. One can also set the lifetime of the Web session, like 1 day or 5 days. 
  1. Better app assignment: ZOHO CRM now allows choosing the profiles and roles while assigning Sprints. Moreover, it also lets you select additional roles while assigning Analytics. 
  1. Improved conditional assignment: While selecting criteria, you can choose the custom fields. In addition, you can assign the conditional assignment to external users. 
  1. Offers on Mouse over effects: ZOHO CRM offers interactive effects of on-mouse-over in a chart. With this, you can point a particular data in the chart and can highlight the important points or data as a tooltip. 
  1. User filters: With the help of ZOHO CRM, the owners of the charts can easily add User Filters to their charts. It offers the capability of dynamic filtering to the users, which can filter out the data shown in the chart by deselecting or selecting the right values in the columns of the filter. 
  1. Creating and managing slideshows: ZOHO CRM software now lets you make your presentations more attractive, by creating and managing different slideshows. You can also modify the slideshow settings by following several easy steps. 
  1. Managing the users: ZOHO software enables you to manage your own account with ease. It lets you work with your users and colleagues with a special space called Organization. 
  1. Dashboards: The dashboard allows you to measure and manage the metrics with KPI. In addition, you can also create or view your own dashboard. 
  1. Dialing with just a click: You don’t need to waste time by dialing phone numbers, as you can make calls from ZOHO CRM, with just a single click.

As you can sense, ZOHO CRM software can work wonders in sophisticating your business processes. It helps both its customers and users to work more efficiently and without any problem through its upscale features.

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