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Why Zoho Campaigns is the best option compared to Mailchimp

Email Marketing has become a necessary part of a digital marketing platform, and selecting the correct mail robotization computer program is the reason for the success of your marketing efforts. When selecting Zoho Campaigns V/s Mailchimp, it’s important to assess the features and benefits of each stage to decide which is the right fit for your business.

In the Zoho v/s Mailchimp comparison, Zoho Campaigns stands out for providing cutting-edge marketing automation features like personalized email marketing campaigns, automated workflows, in-depth analytics, and A/B testing, which allow organizations to increase their marketing strategies and produce better results. Additionally, it is the best alternative for businesses looking for a more specialized email marketing solution due to its user-friendly interface and many customization choices.

What are Zoho Campaigns?

Zoho provides an email marketing platform called Zoho Campaigns. It is designed to help businesses create, send, and track email campaigns effectively. With the help of Zoho Campaigns, users can design professional-looking email templates, manage subscriber lists, automate email workflows, and track campaign performance.

As a comprehensive e-mail marketing, Zoho Campaigns provides robust promoting robotization capabilities that cater to businesses’ advancing requirements, separating it from other campaign options. With consistent integration into other Zoho applications, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Social, Zoho Books, Zoho One, Zoho Maker, Zoho Mail, Zoho Individuals, Zoho Gatherings, and Zoho Analytics, Zoho Campaigns streamlines your promotional endeavors and upgrades collaboration across departments.

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that allows businesses to create, send, and manage email campaigns. It provides many features to help users effectively engage with their audience through email marketing.

Features Comparison of Zoho Campaigns and Mailchimp

Feature Zoho Campaigns Mailchimp
Email Templates Customizable templates with a drag-and-drop editor Predesigned templates
List Based and campaign-based comparison reports Efficient segmentation, automation, and Gaining insights into subscriber growth and engagement Limited comparative analytics
Automation Powerful automation features with triggers and workflow customization Normal automation capabilities with pre-built automation workflows
Facebook Page and Post Campaigns Design and Publish Facebook Campaigns within Zoho Email marketing Integration is available but with limitations.
In-house Integrations for small businesses Seamless integration with other Zoho apps and third-party platforms The integration option is with other third-party apps. No in-house integration.


Why Zoho Campaigns is the best option in contrast to Mailchimp

1. Pay Less and Get More

What do you think? How much can you save in terms of cost-effectiveness?

If you compare the best plans of both Zoho Campaigns and Intuit Mailchimp, You’ll see that Intuit Mailchimp Costs USD 277 per month for 10,000 contacts, while Zoho Campaigns charges as if it were $81 per month which saves you around $196.

As you increase the number of licenses, the cost comparison changes. If you select 50,000 contacts, you’ll pay nearly twice as much with Intuit Mailchimp as you’d pay with Zoho Campaigns.

Check the image below and find the difference.



2. Boundless Emails

With Zoho Campaign, you’ll have the option to send an unlimited number of mail to your contacts without any additional cost. The charge related to the benefit is for the number of contacts in your mailing list.

For example, the Premium plan for 5,000 contacts with Intuit Mailchimp costs $277 monthly and has a 150,000 email send cap each month. While Zoho Campaigns, which costs $52 for 5,000 contacts and unlimited email blasts, does not have any such limitations.

3. Offering a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Another feature that sets Zoho Campaigns apart from Mailchimp is our SMS gateway, which helps you to include SMS campaigns into your email marketing strategy and reach your audience on multiple channels. The creation process for SMS and email campaigns can now be easily synchronized and you can use it simply for all sizes of businesses.

4. All IN ONE

Zoho Campaigns may be a comprehensive and feature-rich E-mail marketing solution that provides several perks over MailChimp, counting solid integration with CRM tools, an SMS gateway, progressed deliverability alternatives, and a run of features custom fitted to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’ve started with Email marketing or want to improve your current solution, Zoho Campaigns is a viable solution.

5. Customer Support at All Channels

Once you use Zoho Campaigns you can reach customer support anytime without paying any extra charge. Their support system is available by telephone, email, chat, video Tutorials, and knowledge base. But in Mailchimp, you will only be able to contact Email and chat support.

6. Ease of Access

Zoho Campaign is simple to utilize as they have a great UI/UX plan for Zoho Email marketing.
Whereas, Mailchimp encompasses a complex promoting arrangement to memorize the UI/UX. So it becomes more challenging to utilize MailChimp.

Still Confused?

What do you have to choose for your business? Let’s Check the other advantages of Zoho Campaigns or Contact CRM Master’s Infotech.

  • Forever Free Plan
    You can start your email marketing tour with the forever-free plan from Zoho Campaigns. Also, Create 12,000 personalized emails each month and distribute them for free to 2000 subscribers.
  • Easily Manage Your Subscribers
    Automatic bulk segmentation in Zoho Campaigns allows you to create many segments at one time. By rating subscribers based on their actions and profile details, you may streamline targeting and qualify subscribers.
  • Powerful and customizable Automation
    With Zoho Campaigns, you can save time by automating your entire email marketing process. With their processes, you may start any action for every situation from the welcome to re-engagement series.
  • Real-Time Analytics
    You can track your marketing development with the help of reports on emails, opens, clicks, and other metrics. Advanced analytics list-based reports of the Zoho Campaign, can help you gain a better insight into the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Free Support
    Zoho Campaign has a free support system. You can contact their support 24×7 over email and on calls. You can also use their help guides and download them at any time.

Is Zoho Campaign Good for Marketing?

Zoho Campaign has comprehensive features and integration with other Zoho products that make it the best choice for email marketing solutions for all sizes of businesses. Various marketing-related software is available from Zoho, like Zoho Campaigns for email marketing and Zoho CRM for customer relationship management.

Due to its integration with other Zoho apps, several businesses have achieved success by using Zoho for their marketing campaigns.


When selecting the best email marketing solution for your business, Zoho Campaigns is a solid alternative to Mailchimp. While Mailchimp has long been a popular choice, Zoho Campaigns has numerous features and benefits that set it apart from its competitors.

Overall, Zoho Campaigns has a comprehensive solution that combines ease of use, affordability, and a wide range of powerful features that make it a top choice in comparison to Mailchimp.

CRM Master’s Infotech is the Zoho Integration Partner that provides the best Zoho service and builds your trust by providing exceptional support and expertise for your Zoho email marketing needs.

By choosing Zoho Campaigns as your preferred platform, we will help you to unlock its full potential and drive successful campaigns.

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