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Zoho vs Salesforce: Which One is Better?

zoho vs salesforce

Are you finding it hard to make the best selection between ZOHO vs Salesforce, as to which will perform better for your business? Here’s a comprehensive and in-depth comparison between them both. Though both intend to ease out your business tasks, the difference may lie in technological innovation and pricing.

Comparing ZOHO and Salesforce

Both ZOHO and Salesforce help to make significant business gains for your organizations in a shorter time. CRM is the main part of any business where it stores the data and tracks sales and service activities. A CRM software does it all for your business and is a preferred tool for growth. Let’s look into the most suitable one by doing a neck-to-neck comparison.

ZOHO Salesforce
Advent 1996 1999
Editions/Plans Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer
Top Features Flow Updates, Lightning Page Performance, Einstein Opportunity (AI), Manual Sharing, Monitor Login Metrics, etc. Sales Team Automation, Platform customization, Marketing Automation, Team Collaboration, Zia (AI), etc.
Products ZOHO One, People, Creator, Books, Connect, Sales, Marketing, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Apps Cloud, IoT Cloud
Integrated Apps Mail chimp, SMS Magic, Google Drive, Giphy, Whats app Web, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, etc. Mail chimp, Outlook, Hubspot, Jira, QuickBooks, Google Cloud, Dropbox, DocuSign, etc.
App Features Scheduling, calendar, team newsfeeds Calendar, task management, file sharing
Most Inexpensive Paid Plan $25 $12
Most costly Plan $300 $55
Suitability Best for small businesses wishing to have all-in one and cheap solutions Best for larger and small businesses that expect exceptional growth in the next few years

The origin

Currently headquartered in Chennai, India, ZOHO came into existence in 1996 with the name Advent Net. Inc. The companies with small businesses in media, consulting, and technology, etc. usually prefer ZOHO for their successful presence with an impactful approach. ZOHO offers incredible solutions to businesses of every size.

Salesforce was originally founded in 1999 and since then, it has been gaining popularity. It offers great growth to the businesses. It leads the charge as one of the original software as a service (SaaS) vendors.


ZOHO and Salesforce offer robust solutions for reporting, contact management and mobile capabilities. While Salesforce offers excellent features, ZOHO CRM is popular due to its budget-friendly apps and integrations with industry-best business tools and processes. Top Salesforce features include flow updates, lightning page performance, Einstein opportunity (AI), manual sharing and monitor login metrics. Likewise, ZOHO offers Sales Team Automation, Platform customization, marketing automation, team collaboration and Zia (AI).


The customer success platform offers integration of different products with one another. Salesforce includes the products like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or Service Cloud. Each of them is available for a separate price. Sales Force offers four editions – Essential, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer. They will add round o’clock support to the business.

Likewise, ZOHO CRM includes three product tiers, namely Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Each tier comprises exclusive features and support services to offer. The price depends on the respective features and support services.


ZOHO offers a range of products to execute several simple to complicated business tasks. Some of the common products include ZOHO One, ZOHO Creator, ZOHO Sales, ZOHO Marketing and more. Likewise, Salesforce also extends the capabilities of its numerous products for prompt assistance in customer business. Its prominent products include Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Apps Cloud, IoT Cloud and so on.

App integrations

AppExchange, the enterprise cloud marketplace of Salesforce consists of more than 4600 customizable and pre-built apps, lighting data solutions, bolt, flow and more. It extends the functionality with integrations in departments like sales, marketing, IT, customer service and human resources, etc.

ZOHO also integrates some of the most useful business apps for collaboration, telephony, marketing, customer support and more. Its online product suite offers good business apps and pre-built integrations. ZOHO aims to provide comfort to the business owners and make them able to thrive in different dimensions.

Mobile apps features

Be it Salesforce or ZOHO, both have their respective mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms, workable across multiple devices. Some noteworthy features of ZOHO mobile apps include scheduling, calendar, team newsfeeds, access to basic system, etc. During network failure, the apps will sync your data automatically when you come online again.

Salesforce also provides similar features in its mobile apps, which include calendar, task management, mobile dashboard, file sharing and so on. The Salesforce app also lets you connect to a conference call directly and can record the notes later on.

Wrapping up!

When it comes to comparing two different platforms in one parameter, both own a specialization. You can prefer one over the other but it all depends upon the necessities of your business. Salesforce is unarguably good with tailor-made pricing plans. Similarly, ZOHO is user-friendly and offers flexible plans. It has some unique features to support your business. Especially, if you own a startup business or looking for budget-friendly CRM solutions, ZOHO is the best. You can also start with free trials.

To know more about the best CRM software or to avail the facilities of the most prominent one subject to your business, feel free to connect with us. We will be glad to serve your cause.