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What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s topmost and first Cloud Computing application. It is a marketplace that offers thousands of solutions and services to extend sales. It helps solve major & minor problems related to the shortage of time, building solutions from scratch, third-party indications, and many more.

Applications Included in the Salesforce AppExchange

It offers a bevy of applications, out of which some major are now shown below:

Salesforce AppExchange CRM Masters

Ready-to-Use Solutions Salesforce AppExchange Provides:

Salesforce AppExchange is not only about applications. It also offers speedy solutions which are easy to deploy in your CRM these are:

1. Bolt Solutions

These pre-built templates can easily be deployed in Salesforce with the help of the partner who has built Bolt. These include industry process flows, lightning components, applications, and communication.

2. Flow Solutions

They are functional elements that simplify the flow, create processes, and perform actions on third-party applications. With the help of these, business processes can be automated without coding.

3. Lightning Data

High-quality data connects your sales and third-party information via a Lightning Data Engine. It helps to power the sales and marketing process.

4. Components

These are building elements for creating applications, bolt solutions, and customizing web pages in lightning.

How Does AppExchange Work?

When you need a marketing tool to promote an application or component, AppExchange proves to be a reliable tool. In the listing, you can describe your solution, pricing, support, and other details so that customers can determine whether what you are offering is right for them or not. You can also upload videos, white papers, and other helpful content for your customer.

Based on the information provided, it is categorized into one or more business areas like sales, marketing, or analytics. It should be kept in mind that you can create only one listing per solution.
With the listing, you can achieve a higher ranking and customer benefits.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Get Into AppExchange

Step 1: Join the Partner Community

The Premium Salesforce Partner Community allows you to interact with and learn from Salesforce experts. You can access the Partner Business Organization for free upon joining the Partner Community. There are three apps included in this package: License Management App, Channel Order App, and Environment Hub. These tools help manage AppExchange offerings, track orders, and log in to Salesforce accounts.

Step 2: Strategize and Build Your AppExchange App

After creating a strategic plan regarding the applications, it’s time to start building the app. With the development organization, you can write code, add business logic, create lightning components, and develop Apex classes. After creating a package with components for your final app, migrate the components to a packaging org using the IDE.

Step 3: AppExchange Security Review

Preparation: Review the AppExchange Security Requirements and ensure your app meets them.

Test: Pass the Security Review that evaluates the app’s security.

Free Trial: Enable it before launching the app.

Launch: After completing all the necessary guidelines, the app is ready to go live in the app store.

Step 4: Design the AppExchange Listing

  1. If you don’t have access to listings, enable the “Manage Listings” option in your Partner Community profile.
  2. Fill out the listing information (listing name, extensive description, logo).
  3. Create a carousel with screenshots and a call-to-action slide, followed by a video demo.
  4. Add pricing.
  5. Paste your target audience, SEO keywords, and primary use case in the tagline.

Step 5: Manage App Licenses and Customer Support

Now that your app is ready, it’s time to sell it. You can offer your customers a variety of licensing options:

  1. Per-User License
  2. Site License
  3. Free Trial and Time Limit
  4. Free Solution

Additionally, to retain customers, you need to offer them professional support.


Salesforce AppExchange is a great marketplace where you can find various apps and solutions for upgrading your Salesforce CRM and boosting your business. We CRM Masters are certified Salesforce partners and thereby hold profound expertise in Salesforce. Solutions tailored by our experts for your business will leverage the power of Salesforce for you. Let us know if we can help you if you are also struggling with the AppExchange deployment.