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Flutter Framework

When Google developed Flutter in 2015, nobody had any idea where it could reach. In the past few years, this open-source framework has become immensely popular and the credit goes to its astounding development performance.

Flutter App Development
Flutter App Development

React Native, another cross-platform framework built by Facebook in 2015 gives a tough competition to Flutter. Let’s compare them briefly.

Flutter Vs. React Native

The Flutter solution allows the developers to enjoy the development process with extensive documentation. It offers the best cross-platform solution with seamless technology to the apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase. The developers find great convenience with the easy-to-use SDK of the Flutter framework.

Flutter Vs React Native
Flutter Vs React Native

Talking about React Native, it has reusable code and can have easy access to native UI components. It also comprises high-standard 3rd party libraries along with a hot lot feature. Here is a quick Flutter vs. React Native comparison to find out more about both these frameworks.

  Flutter React Native
First Release Developed in 2015, it got released in 2017 Introduced in 2015
Supported by Google Facebook
OS Platform Android, iOS Web apps, Android, iOS
IDE Support Visual Studio Code, Android Studio Multiple IDE’s and tolls supported by JavaScript
GUI Leverages proprietary widgets Leverages native UI controller
Reusability of code 50-90% 90%
Hot Reloading Available Available
Testing Carried out on emulators or mobile devices Carried out on emulators or mobile devices
Community support Rapidly growing High
Native appearance Holds access to core functionalities of the device Depends on 3rd-party apps
Time to Market Quicker than react native Fast

While both have their respective benefits, the decision to choose the befitting one depends on your choice. As you can see from the comparison, Flutter still has the upper hand over React Native.

Topmost Flutter Apps

Talking more about Flutter, here is a quick look at some of the prominent apps built with flutter framework.

  1. Google Ads

23rd October 2000 was the date when Google began with Google Ads. Digital marketers have taken it as a great thing for their endeavors. ‘Google Ads’ allows you to track the advertisements in real-time and you can also view the campaigns of your interest.

Google Mobile Ads SDK for Flutter
Google Mobile Ads SDK for Flutter

It offers good coverage for products with extensive services for everything. In web content marketing, Google Ads plays a crucial role, especially under the PPC (pay-per-click) pricing model.

  1. Hamilton App

Hamilton is an award-winning Broadway musical app built with the Flutter framework. The app includes a Karaoke function, where you can sing your favorite song. Here, music lovers can get all the music news in one spot. It further includes slideshows, videos, and much more.

  1. Pairing

As the name suggests, Pairing connects the users to their suitable matches. Flutter has formed the application in the way that it creates the matches on safe ground. The cross-platform ability increases the area of search. The creativity of matching (or actually pairing) is derived from the seamless technology.

  1. Reflectly

It is an AI-powered journaling application, where Flutter helps in getting insight details on day-to-day activity. The app resolves your mental health by keeping away the negative thoughts. It is much about positive psychology to help the users.

  1. KlasterMe

The content-sharing social media platform specifically designed for developers allows the users to build their pages and blogs, etc. Here, the users can share their ideas and content creations with the public. It has simplified the posting process.

  1. Lunching

This popular food delivery app allows bulk payments, even with smaller installments. Flutter has provided a consistent framework to the application and it further enables a fast as well as a seamless development process.

  1. Cryptograph

Another amazing app made with Flutter, it provides excellence in tracking, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. It further enables the users to invest in the market history.


Flutter has created this trustworthy and reliable avenue for the people who have an interest in the exchange rate.


Flutter has nailed the technical industry by presenting unique features in the applications. It enables the developers to see the changes in real-time and lets them gain from many more plus points. As compared to React Native, flutter framework holds better support and features. Still choosing the ideal framework depends solely on your choice. To help you in your framework selection, you can always seek our help at CRM-Masters.