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Top 5 Industries Where Zoho CRM Ensures Enhanced Productivity

top 5 industries where zoho crm ensures enhanced productivity

Businesses are focusing on building customer experiences and have changed the gears to offer high levels of customer satisfaction. The customer relationship management software or CRM is one such gift of technology to the small and big organizations, as it helps them manage current and prospective customers. While you will come across several CRM tools in the market, the legacy created by Zoho CRM for businesses is simply unparalleled. It has been helping clients from numerous industries with its exceptional capabilities. Here is more on this universally embraced software.

What do reports say?

The CRM market is growing at a rapid pace and you could well expect it to proliferate at a much better rate in the coming times. The Fortune Business Insights Report released in 2020 also points toward this ubiquitous fact. It indicates that the CRM market is all set to touch a staggering 113.46 billion USD by 2027. Another report by Grand View Research, published in 2020 sights the CRM market growth at a CAGR of 14.2% by 2027. With such exceptional growth projected at a global level, the CRM companies are at loggerheads to usher with the features that could help them outsmart their competitors in varied industries.

Where does Zoho CRM stand?

Several companies in this domain are beyond comparison and Zoho CRM is one of them. In fact, it is the first name to click the minds of business owners seeking the benefits of this dedicated platform. While CRM is an instant need for all customer-eccentric service industries, Zoho CRM features would be ideal to manage the flow of work at your end. Let us have a look at the top list of industries trusting this CRM software.

Top Five Industries Benefiting from Zoho CRM

Streamlining the workflow, end-to-end customer management, and enhancing the productivity of all resources builds the trust of every

  1. Retail

The sales, marketing, and support departments of the retail sector require dedicated solutions with the help of Zoho sales CRM software. Users prefer leveraging the inventory management to avoid last-minute out-of-stock cases through the alerts and reminders. The inbuilt AI and seamless integrations to other applications further make the CRM ideal for retail businesses.

  1. Real Estate

Businesses operating in the real estate industry have to manage different types of customers depending on their interest in the residential, commercial or industrial properties. Thus, the real estate-based Zoho CRM features offer comprehensive and comparative details about properties to all customers. The third-party integrations may further improve the usability of Zoho CRM for businesses working in this domain. It is ideal for setting up your real estate CRM with different modules like leads, contacts, documents, reports, activities, etc.

  1. Logistics

Zoho CRM for industry solutions also serves the logistics sector. Notably, adiverse sector of the likes of logistics requires the best features to work on digital transformation, customer expectations management, and handling new business models. The management of large unstructured data is possible using the Zoho CRM for logistics businesses. This domain extends support to all services and manufacturing businesses. Hence, an effective CRM (like Zoho) ensures quality services in a timely manner. The quick delivery of the shipments while staying high in the competition and managing the quality of the shipment is all that businesses expect from the logistics partner.

  1. Telecom

One of the highly competitive businesses at present, the telecom industry is leveraging the might of CRM software religiously. This is where Zoho does every bit and works beyond the simple Sales CRM software. It helps the communication sector to reduce the number of cancellations, take less time to solve customer queries and gather customer feedback for productive results.

  1. Healthcare

The challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to seek the help of the healthcare services that have created undue pressure on health systems. The Zoho CRM features offer omni-channel communication for handling sales, seamless integrations, and mobile accessibility to different healthcare companies. Thus, it is one of the much-needed reliefs to the healthcare industry.

Summing up, retail, real estate, logistics, telecom, healthcare are among the top industries to gain exceptionally from Zoho CRM are. While industry specific CRM helps improve business relationships, it collectively works to improve the overall productivity of the business. To know more about Zoho CRM software or to avail its services for your business, you can always approach CRM-Masters. A premium Zoho CRM partner, the renowned company provides all the capable assistance you want to attain your business goals through Zoho CRM software.