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Customers’ opinions always matter and what could be better than conducting online surveys. These are essential and powerful tools for businesses as they analyze the business’ performance and recognize opportunities for improvement.

That’s what the Zoho Survey is all about. It is an online application that allows businesses to create and manage surveys for their business. You can quickly draw insights from the results you have got from your customers and make the best out of your business by optimizing customer satisfaction, fine-tuning the sales, and perfecting the product offerings.

Here are some examples of surveys that businesses usually conduct:

Crm masters Zoho Survey

Key features of the Zoho Survey

Affordable Pricing

Zoho Survey offers four different plans: Free Plan, Pro Plan, Plus Plan, and Enterprise Plan. You can start with the free plan if you are unsure which is best suited for your business and can subscribe to the premier one later. Here we have provided a brief of all the four plans to give you an idea.

  1. Free Plan

    In this, you can create an unlimited number of surveys, but each survey is limited to 10 questions and 100 responses. You are also provided 200 templates that you can embed in your emails and share on your social media.

  1. Plus plan

It starts from  $20 per month and allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys with an unlimited number of questions and responses. In addition, you also get advanced survey logic options, additional customization features, and protection and integration with the products like Slack.

  1. Pro Plan

It starts at $25 per month and includes full white labeling, support for multilingual surveys, reporting, and additional integrations with Google Sheets, Tableau, and many more.

  1. Enterprise Plan

It costs you $60 per month. In addition to Pro Plan features, you get user management and role-based access management features.

User-Friendly Survey Creation

Zoho Survey has a clean interface that makes it easy to create new surveys with only a few clicks. There are dozens of survey types that you can deploy quickly with drag and drop options. Star ratings, multiple-choice questions, an email capture field, and a wide range of other elements are provided to the users. You can immediately make the survey go live by clicking the ‘Publish’ option. The app supports all the major distribution channels like email, Facebook, Web Link, and offline surveying.

Easy Customization

Zoho Survey has developed a user-friendly survey editor where you can start with over 250 different fully customized themes. The template suit every screen size and comes with smart features that boost the response rates. The templates provided also serve various purposes designed for specific use cases like customer satisfaction surveys, marketing surveys, business intelligence surveys, and many more.

Integration with Zoho CRM

If you are using Zoho CRM, you can integrate your survey account with your CRM database with only a few clicks, and once the integration is complete, you can access many survey features from within Zoho CRM. You don’t have to copy the essential customer list required manually. It automatically synchronizes your responses and automates the workflow.

Encrypts the Data

Businesses frequently encounter duplicate survey submissions and multiple responses from a single customer, which can make the data acquired. And sometimes competitors can be behind you biasing your data for their interest. And to solve this, Zoho Survey Spam Protection features either restrict to one response or use the cookies to detect the multiple entries. Also, password protection is included to prevent the surveys from being shared on social media.


Zoho Survey provides you with some robust tools to create the surveys and collect the responses from your audience. If you wish to know more about it before the deployment, then feel free to contact our expert at CRM Masters.