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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Salesforce for Your Business

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Salesforce for Your Business

The CRM market is growing, and so are CRM solutions. But it all makes it difficult for businesses to choose which CRM is appropriate to meet their business needs in the best way. Several SMEs and managers wonder if implementing a Salesforce CRM is worth the effort and expenses. So, to solve this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons you should use Salesforce.

1. Easy to Use

Salesforce removes all the challenges associated with setting up a new system and makes it as easy to use as any other website you visit. You can log in from anywhere, collaborate with colleagues, and view customer data whenever possible.

2. Effortless Customization

Salesforce App Cloud lets you build your application or integrate apps from AppExchange using point-and-click tools. The customization features provided in it make it possible for you to add more modules, shift workflows, or create sales strategies in minutes. Besides that, this software is flexible and adaptable to changes within your company as it grows.

3. Cloud-Based

The Salesforce cloud feature enables users to access information from one central location, providing a pioneered, secure, and sophisticated cloud infrastructure to easily access sales, marketing, support, and analytics data.

4. Efficient Reporting

In Salesforce, you will find a robust reporting suite that will save you time and money and help you focus on your business. Its customizable reporting tool also enables contract management, real-time reporting, and analytics, thus enhancing customer engagement and performance.

5. Multitenant Platform

A single platform and infrastructure benefit businesses of all sizes. Salesforce’s multitenant architecture ensures that the platform is continuously updated as the customer’s data is secure. This means you’re getting the latest features with automatic, seamless upgrades three times a year.

6. Integration Options

The Salesforce platform has an open API that is robust and well-documented, making virtually any Salesforce integration possible. Using this, you can map your business processes onto Salesforce more effectively and boost productivity by integrating apps like MailChimp, Google Cloud, Zendesk, and Dropbox.

7. AppExchange Ecosystem

Through AppExchange, Salesforce users can create apps or get access to thousands of ready-to-install solutions. This extends Salesforce’s role to many different companies and provides them with easy access to a wide variety of mobile-ready solutions, including Flows, Lightning Data, and Bolt Solutions.
You will also have access to free and prominent apps and resources and paid-co-marketing and co-selling opportunities as a Salesforce AppExchange partner.

8. Mobile CRM

Salesforce introduced the concept of mobile CRM at a relatively young age. This 360-degree platform allows you to manage your data wherever you go, as you just need a smartphone. It allows employees to connect with their customers quickly and easily with the Salesforce Mobile App.

9. Customer Success Platform

A customer success strategy is achieved with Salesforce, which allows you to unify different functions within your business to achieve customer success. Marketers and sales reps can use its system to track potential customers before they even become customers. Salesforce’s analytics services help you drive more sales and understand team performance. With tools such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, you can easily address the preferences of your consumers.

10. Extensive ecosystem

The Salesforce Success Community enables Salesforce customers to interact with the company and find out more about its products and services. Salesforce has a robust ecosystem that includes partners, developers, and consumers. Their services provide companies with access to exceptional capabilities offered by developers. You can always count on their community to help your business succeed.

The Bottom Line!

We hope you have understood how Salesforce can be an effective tool for businesses to manage their customers and grow. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance related to Salesforce, as we are the best Salesforce consulting partner in USA, UK, UAE & India. In addition to our commitment to excellence, we aim to provide you with the perfect CRM for your business.