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Zoho Backstage

Streamline your Event Management with Zoho Backstage 

Organizing events is a lot more common than one might think. It is not just the major conference organization for large corporations. Events are also organized by small businesses, local councils, sports clubs, NGOs, charities, etc. But the way businesses host the events has now changed drastically in the last few years.

From halls packed with people to virtual conferences, we all have adapted to this new normal. And to be efficient today you will need up-to-date technology to save your valuable time and make the whole process much easier. With Zoho Backstage, you can ensure that your management is streamlined and with Zoho Consultant you can increase your business growth. 

What is Zoho Backstage?

Zoho Backstage is a cloud-based end-to-end event management software developed by Zoho. It is widely used by event planners, agencies, and corporations for a greater impact on the audience irrespective of the size of the show. 

Features of Zoho Backstage 

Zoho Backstage
  • Event Website Builder:- With Zoho Backstage, you can build a website with various themes and customize it according to your business requirements without writing a single code.  
  • Event Ticketing:- You can track your ticket and get real-time insights for Android and iOS mobile apps. 
  • Event Marketing:- Zoho Backstage provides a feature to do marketing your event on your website, promotional banners, blogs, and social media posts. 
  • Event Sponsorship Management:- Sponsorships are one of the most important elements of any event. Occasionally, sponsors are what allow events to take place. With Zoho Backstage sponsorships are made easy with the ability to create tiers and unique packages to attract sponsors. It also gives plenty of customizable options for users to feature sponsors on their website.
  • In-Depth Matrics Analysis:- With Zoho Backstage you can capture the feedback of your session, track ticket sales, and count the attendees and sessions. It gives a simple dashboard with actionable information based on the feedback provided. These can help you improve your ticketing strategy and boost registrations.
  • Interactive Live Polls and Surveys:- Zoho Backstage facilitates real-time interactions with attendees through live polls and surveys. Organizers can seamlessly embed polls during sessions, enabling speakers to gauge audience opinions, gather feedback, and encourage active participation. 

Zoho Backstage Integration 

Integrating Zoho Backstage with other applications on services can boost your event management processes and enhance functionality. Here are some common integration lists:- 

  • Zoho Backstage+Zoho Campaigns:- Integrate Zoho Campaigns with Zoho Backstage helps you to send personalized event invitations, reminders, and post-event follow-ups to attendees. 
  • Zoho Backstage+Zoho Creator:- With this integration, you can customize your event management workflows and automate processes. 
  • Zoho Backstage+Zoho Books:- This integration streamlines financial aspects of event management by automating invoices, expense tracking, and revenue management. 
  • Zoho Backstage+Payment Gateways:- Integrating with payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe facilitates easy online registration and ticketing. 


Zoho Backstage is a comprehensive solution for streamlining event management processes that helps you in planning, organizing, and executing events. By using Zoho Backstage, event planners can enhance efficiency, improve attendee engagement, and ultimately deliver memorable experiences that align perfectly with their organizational goals. 

Ready to use Zoho Backstage for your Event? 

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