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CRM masters ZOHO Marketing Automation
  • June 27, 2022
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Marketing Automation with Zoho Applications

As digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, marketers are finding it difficult to properly manage multiple campaign channels, custom data profiles, and ROI. Unless you have fantastic luck, you will need good marketing resources for good sales and business growth. So, businesses of almost all sizes are now adopting marketing automation to get the most out of them.

Marketing automation is a process by which various marketing activities are automated with the help of technology. Benefits like an efficient marketing team, better revenue, and several others also follow along with the automation.

Zoho marketing tools serve the exact purpose and this article will briefly discuss all the Zoho marketing tools.

Zoho provides a wide range of applications that support online marketing activities like segmentation,  lead scoring, Google ads, and many more. Now we will see them one by one.

1. Zoho Marketing Hub(Zoho Marketing Automation)

It is an All-in-One Marketing software solution from Zoho. It provides all the marketing utility tools under one roof. It helps in lead tracking and web behavior tracking and allows you to send custom email campaigns and plan future campaigns based on the exact ROI. It is a place to educate, influence, and engage/ connect the leads. It easily integrates with Zoho CRM and syncs all the information directly into the hands of your sales team.

CRM masters ZOHO Marketing Automation

2. Zoho Campaigns

This software is an email marketing tool that helps businesses grow their audience. The marketing department can effectively work with predefined templates and tailored workflows. Other than creating these, it helps to trigger automated workflows, connect with the customers, and customize the messages to make the campaigns more efficient and effective. It assists the users in seamlessly monitoring the email campaigns by making a list clean and spam-free. With all these features, it can be seen that it is an excellent email marketing software that enhances marketing operations.

3. Zoho Social

It is a social media marketing tool that assists businesses in expanding their online presence. With this, you can reach the right audience at the right time for a fruitful engagement. It allows the team to collaborate with multiple accounts with the same dashboard. This helps the marketers trap the marketing revenue required and analyze the data for better approaches. The data acquired by it can be shared in the form of reports with the social media marketing teams for the senior executives. Integrated with all the essential features, it holds the power to leverage your brand position and social media.

4. Zoho Survey

It helps marketers to create a survey within a few minutes very easily. You can view the result in real time and graphically. Additionally, you can create reports, analyze them, and improve their steps for better understanding.

CRM masters ZOHO Marketing Automation

5. Zoho Forms

It is a tool that is used to create forms for every purpose. Digital marketers can simplify the data collection with it. With a wide range of customizations available, you can easily manage the data more efficiently and integrate it with other Zoho applications. As it is a non-coding and drag-and-drop online form builder, it makes itself a suitable application for all types of businesses.

6. Zoho Sales IQ

It is a website visitor tracking and analytics software. With some predefined rules created, you can lead the scores and optimize conversions based on the website browsing behavior. It can be beneficial in keeping the customers engaged and the website personalized for the progression of the business.

7. Zoho Page Sense

It is a conversion rate Optimisation and A/B  testing platform used by the business to improve the conversion rates of the platform. It does this by tracking the website metric. In addition, the tool helps identify any issues while navigating around the website and fixing them immediately. It empowers the business to make informed decisions and ensures that each decision is tested and backed up by the data.

8. Zoho Sites

It is an instant website builder that enables you to create a visually creative website with the help of a drag-and-drop tool. It can be used to manage visitor information with Zoho CRM, provide chat support with Zoho Sales IQ, publish blogs with Zoho Social, understand the visitor’s behavior with the Zoho Marketing Hub, and many more.
CRM masters ZOHO Marketing Automation


Zoho applications are an excellent way to do marketing automation and make your business grow tremendously. CRM Masters is a premium Zoho partner and has helped companies around the globe find and implement the best tool for them.

Get in touch with us for complete support in the implementation of  Zoho applications marketing automation.