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Basics 101: Beginner’s Guide to Get Started with Zoho CRM

beginner’s guide to get started with zoho crm

Zoho CRM is one of the latest and widely used software that is ideal for startups, small, and large businesses. However, many times the first-time users are confused in finding the perfect beginner’s guide to start using it. Let us have a quick look at the detailed but easy guide to starting using Zoho CRM.

  1. Sign-in
zoho crm login
Zoho crm login

It is easy to sign-up to Zoho CRM by entering details or using Google sign-in. Make sure to read out the privacy policy, terms, and conditions, etc., before going for the continue option in Zoho CRM.

  1. Customizing dashboard

It offers details about Open Tasks, ‘Closing This Month’, ‘Today’s Leads’and ‘All Activities’. All these features are present in the free version of Zoho CRM. You can click “+” to add shortcuts to various features, like lead, account, campaign, contact and more. The three dots on the right-hand side offer quick addition of elements in the dashboard.

  1. Leads creation

The top left side of the Zoho CRM screen has a leads option, which helps to create, edit and track all leads with ease. You can use various options like sending email, lead conversion, editing information, etc.

lead creation
Lead Creation

You can either import lead from some other source or simply select ‘Create a lead’ to provide the minimum required information. Click the Save button after providing the details. You can modify this information as per your requirement and you can track the changes regarding this lead under the ‘Timeline’ section present on the left side of the screen.

  1. Add contacts

There is an option to add contacts in the Zoho CRM menu. You can either import contacts or create new contacts, just as in the case of lead. Adding contact is an important feature to start using Zoho CRM effortlessly.

  1. Creating B2B accounts
b2b accounts creation
B2B Accounts Creation

The accounts menu in the Zoho CRM offers the options to add Business to Customers (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B). You can consider yourself as a Business and your contacts as the customers. Thus, you create the B2B account and click the save contacts button.

  1. Managing deals

The deals option on the Zoho CRM offers sales pipeline tracking and end-to-end management. The important information about deals includes deal owner, deal name, account name, amount, and lead source. It also offers “STAGEVIEW” for a visual representation of the sales pipeline. You can proceed to the next stage of a deal by using the drag and drop function.

  1. Activity tracking

The activities section on the Zoho CRM allows tracking customer interactions. It includes three important options, as below:

  • Schedule a call
  • Create a meeting
  • Create a task

The drop-down present on the left side offers a quick filter for all activities.

  1. Custom reports creation

The report section gives an insight into all the possible reports related to your business, like Today’s Sales, Today’s Leads, Top 10 Users, Vendors vs. Purchases, etc. You can search your reports based on different filters like All Reports, My Reports, Recently Viewed, Deal Reports, and more. You can also create a new report by selecting the primary module from among Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, etc.

new report creation
New Report Creation

Manage customer quotes

Quotes refer to legal agreement between the two parties – Vendor and Customer. It includes details related to the delivery of product at a mutually agreed cost and within a stipulated timeline. Just like other categories, you would need to provide details about customer quotes asked under various sections like Quote Information, Address Information, Quoted Items, Terms and Conditions, and Description Information.

Checking feed

The feeds section is located next to the reports section on the Zoho CRM. It is easy to locate team interactions, check progress on leads, deals, and customers. Hence, the feeds option helps users to stay updated on all Zoho CRM communications.

Creating campaigns

plan campaigns
Plan Campaigns

The campaigns option is available in the three dots on Zoho CRM. The Zoho Campaigns come as a free email marketing service that helps businesses engage customers in emails.

Wrapping Up

To be precise, Zoho CRM in itself is a different world, which offers you plenty of things to learn and implement. It is hard to talk and guide about all of them in this short space.

Still, the cloud-based Zoho CRM offers the best out of the affordable customer relationship management with a user-friendly interface. It would be good to follow the aforementioned points if you are a beginner. It will help to optimize the power of associated third-party plug-ins and extensions related to your business. For more assistance, please feel free to approach us at CRM-Masters. We are the premium Zoho Consultants and can help appreciably in starting your stint with Zoho CRM.