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How can marketing and customer service collaborate to boost sales?

How Can Marketing and Customer Service Collaborate to Boost Sales?

For decades, marketing and customer service have worked hand-in-hand to help businesses win and retain customers.

Marketing focuses on helping businesses market and sell their products and services based on market research and advertising. In contrast, customer service supports and advises people already using a brand’s product or service.
Customer service and marketing have been working together to help brands attract attention, increase sales, and lead customers simultaneously.

Do you know how marketing and customer service work together to increase your sales? This blog will show you how to boost sales using these powerful tools.

What is Marketing?


Marketing is the practice of creating and selling products and services to increase the value of a company. The function of marketing is to identify and nurture new leads and convert them into customers. The ultimate marketing objective is to generate repeat customers by offering value that surpasses the purchase cost.

What is Customer Service?

Customer Services

Customer service is taking care of you before, during, and after your services. The goal of customer service is to make sure you’re happy with your product or service.

Customer service is an essential part of any business. It can be the difference between success and failure, especially today, where social media is the fastest-growing form of communication.

Why are These Two Important?

Marketing and customer service have a lot in common. First, they both help you attract and retain customers. Good marketing creates demand for your products or services, and good customer service keeps your customers returning.

There are many ways in which marketing and customer service work together. Marketing and customer service are important because they create a great customer experience. When your customers have a great experience with you, they’re more likely to return and recommend you to others.

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5 Ways to Align Marketing and Customer Service

1) Work Together on Projects to Get a Better Understanding of the Tasks

Communicating with the other departments is the starting point. Marketing teams can work with customer service teams on projects to understand how they work together.

Working together, the teams will better understand each other’s processes, plans, and challenges. This will allow them to look at their processes from a fresh perspective, and it could even help to catalyze change if necessary.

2) Create Customer Profiles & User Personas for Targeted Marketing

The role of a marketer is to capture and qualify leads before selling them to convert them. The complexity of the process can be reduced by creating ideal customer profiles. The marketing team can work with the customer service team to understand their ideal customer and where they fit into the user persona.

This will give marketing teams an idea of who to target, and following this will allow customer service teams to find customers who need their product/service and can afford to spend time and money to build relationships with them.

3) Keep Your Customer Service Teams up to Date on Your Marketing Efforts.

The campaigns can often be created at the last minute because of trending topics to catch up with the marketing teams. Communicating marketing activities to all stakeholders, especially customer service teams, can ensure everyone is on the same page to prepare your team for what’s to come.

4) Case Studies as well as Testimonials to Increase Conversion Rates

Marketers can collaborate with customer service teams to identify such customers and reach out to them for an in-depth case study. By working together, teams can get the most out of these customers and use them as collateral that prospects can reference, post on social media to boost brand awareness, and more. It helps prospects empathize with the pain points of other customers and how they’re using your product to solve their problems, reducing conversion time.

5) Bring Your Team Together on One Platform.

To give your customers a unified experience, your marketing and customer service teams should also be part of a single platform, allowing them to see what’s happening in each department.

Difficulties When Marketing and Customer Service Don’t Work Together

Several issues can arise when your marketing and customer service teams are not working together. One of the most significant issues is that your company may not meet your customer’s needs. Another issue is that there might not be a lot of communication between your marketing and customer service teams, which can result in misunderstandings.

If you don’t use your customers’ feedback to enhance the customer experience, your customers may end up unhappy with your product or service. Furthermore, if your marketing and customer service teams are not working together effectively, it can be challenging to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

These issues can harm your business, so marketing and customer service must work together to prevent them.

Facing Difficulties?

How can you combine Marketing and Customer Service to grow your business?

Zoho SalesIQ is a tool that allows your marketing team and customer service team to work together to increase sales.

With the visitor insights module in Zoho SalesIQ, you’ll have a real-time view of who’s visiting your site and how they’re engaging with your content. You’ll also be able to set lead scoring to automatically qualify leads and send them to your marketing and sales teams. Customer service teams can also connect to the visitor insights module to help your marketing team define the criteria for finding the right target profiles.

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