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How does a Zoho CRM Premium Partner Help to Boost Your Business Sales

Are you experiencing a slump in your business sales? Are your revenues decreasing at a fast pace? If yes, then your non-responsive CRM system could well be the sole culprit behind these adversaries. An instant need is hence to bid adieu to your non-performing CRM and switch over to a better one. This is where ZOHO, the online CRM software, can prove to be immensely effective. To make the most of this CRM system and to take care of your sales, marketing and customer support, seeking assistance from a ZOHO premium partner would be immensely beneficial.

More about ZOHO partner

As the name suggests, a ZOHO consulting partner contributes to the success of ZOHO customers by assisting them with the right ZOHO tools subject to their business requirement. You can expect these ZOHO consultants to deliver an excellent customer experience as a part of the ZOHO partner program, through:

  • Credible business implementation
  • Proper scoping
  • Profitable sales
  • Amicable support services

How can the ZOHO partner programs help?

The ZOHO partner programs empower consultancies with various ZOHO CRM software solutions to help customers boost their sales. It equips the companies engaged in partner relationship management within ZOHO CRM with all the requisite tools to help clients become profitable. Here is a look at some of the popular ZOHO partner programs.

  1. ZOHO Creator

The ZOHO creator program helps ZOHO premium consultants to boost the turnaround time of their clients by around 10 times. It offers low-code solutions, free of cumbersome setup requirements, thus empowering business with digital transformation for accelerated productivity.

  1. ZOHO Workplace

This ZOHO partnership program equips its partners with user-friendly apps for their clients. It includes nine collaborative apps to ensure the ease of creation, collaboration, and communication. The apps thus include:

  • Email
  • File Management
  • Chat
  • Spreadsheet
  • Word Processor
  • Presentation
  • Social Intranet
  • Online Meeting
  1. ZOHO CRM Plus

The ZOHO CRM Plus partner program intends to collaborate with expert ZOHO professionals and alongside provides go-to-market resources. This ZOHO partnership opportunity allows to drive 360-degree engagement with the customer lifecycle with the help of eight applications:

  • CRM
  • SalesIQ
  • Campaigns
  • Social
  • Projects
  • Analytics
  • Desk
  • Survey
  1. ZOHO Analytics

Bolstering partner relationship management within ZOHO CRM, this partner program requires you to leverage your Business Intelligence (BI)acumen to drive consistent revenues. Acting as a self-service analytics platform, it lets you fulfill all the analytical needs of your customer, from unified business analytics to data cleansing and so on. With its help, you can extract raw data and convert it to meaningful insights within minutes.

  1. ZOHO HR Solutions

One of the prominent programs of the ZOHO consulting partnership, the ZOHO HR Solutions helps to do it all from sourcing to hiring and onboarding to exit. A ZOHO partner could leverage this solution with the help of various apps like:

  • Recruit
  • Workerly
  • People
  • People Plus

 Other Programs

In addition, the ZOHO consultants can make the most of several other consulting partnership programs as well:

·         ZOHO Desk

·         ZOHO Project management

·         ZOHO SalesIQ

·         ZOHO PageSense

·         ZOHO Commerce

ZOHO partner benefits

ZOHO CRM empowers its partners with several advantages including:

  • Education – about various ZOHO Programs
  • Earning – through enticing partner commission model
  • Products – to ensure prompt and easy conversion of prospects to customers
  • Engagement – with ZOHO experts and customers through ZOHO partner Connect and Cliq channels

How to get the ZOHO partnership opportunity?

Here are the simple steps to become a ZOHO consulting partner

  • Submit your application form
  • Connect with a ZOHO partner expert for evaluation
  • Sign the agreement
  • Complete the partner course and create a website to manage your customers
  • Write about ZOHO partnership on your portal

CRM-Masters – An ideal ZOHO premium partner

Founded in India, the ZOHO partner network now spreads across 88 nations. As of now, India with 96 ZOHO premium consultants including CRM Masters, is only next to the United States, which has 166 partners. For years, CRM-Masters has been a renowned ZOHO premium partner in India and today, it has extended its clutch across UK and USA with the help of productivity apps and an end-to-end suite of on-line business. Moreover, as one of the ZOHO premium consultants, it has helped above 500 businesses across the globe in accentuating their business sales. Through ZOHO implementation, the company works to streamline the working of organizations.