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It is great that you have installed ZOHO CRM to simplify your business and diversify your gains. But what if the users do not use it properly? Often, people prefer taking shortcuts during data entry or leaving the entries blank, which fills the CRM with incorrect, missing or outdated data.

ZOHO reveals that around 91% of CRM data turns duplicated, wrong or missing in just 12 months. Startling, isn’t it? So, how to get away with this bad data? Well! Dataholics for ZOHO emerges as the ray of hope. We will talk more about it, but first, let’s find out the adverse effects of bad data.

Dataholics ZOHO CRM
Dataholics ZOHO CRM

How can data inaccuracy influence your business?

Inaccurate data in the system could compel your organization to face many hassles, which could eventually delve your business into losses. Let’s have a quick look.

  1. Flawed Decision Making

Bad data makes it difficult for the managers to analyze the trends, expect the demands and identify the room for progress. This inconsistency results in lack of confidence and bad-decision making, which ultimately creates obstacles in attaining the company goals and leads to huge monetary losses.

  1. Failed Marketing Efforts

Businesses usually include similar customers together for target marketing. In case, the data used to group them together is outdated, it will lead to an incorrect segmentation. Consequently, the companies will approach the wrong set of people as a part of their marketing campaign, hence amounting to loss of time and money.

For instance, suppose a list comprises customers from the past six months to initiate a fresh marketing campaign for a new product. Unfortunately, if the data includes customers who shopped around a year ago, it will ruin the marketing campaign.

  1. Wrong data analysis

Data has a big role to play in the decision making of a company. In the event of bad data, the organization will carry out a wrong performance analysis, hence resulting in flawed decisions.

For example, inaccurate data may cause a company to decide about providing customer service training to its reps to improve poor customer service. Instead, the reason behind poor performance could be the pandemic, recession or any other major factor.

How does Dataholics make the difference?

Dataholics is the most accomplished solution for data entry at present. It transforms outdated, wrong and left out data into current, correct and consistent data without the need for manual data entry.

Here is how it makes the difference.

  • Made by ZOHO users, this app extension is the best to infuse data accuracy in the ZOHO CRM.
  • Dataholics has till date helped more than 300 businesses to improve the ZOHO CRM at their end.
  • With Complete and correct data, it keeps ZOHO CRM up to date for the users.


How does it work?

These points give a brief on how Dataholics works.

  • Internet scouring: The Dataholics app searches the internet to collect correct data related to email addresses, international street addresses and company details of all the contacts.
  • Data Insertion: After collecting complete information from various reliable resources, it inserts the data straight into the users’ CRM records.
  • No manual entry: The app inserts this authentic, duly verified and instantly sourced data automatically into the ZOHO CRM without requiring any manual data entry


Benefits of Dataholics

The table below will help you get a better insight into the advantages of Dataholics.

Benefits Description
No more bad data Makes your CRM data reusable and includes correct information to replace incorrect data.
No more missing fields Populates vacant fields with correct data automatically, without the any manual entry.
Improved customer service Provides accurate client information to your account managers and send data to the right addresses
Increased sales Averts gatekeepers to enable you to gain direct and detailed insight about the targeted companies.
Enhanced marketing outcomes Break free from bounced emails and make sure that your message reaches the intended prospects.
Accentuated decision making Accurate data enables the management to make better, confident and well-informed decisions.

To know more about Dataholics or to use it in order to update the data in your ZOHO CRM, feel free to contact us at CRM-Masters. We are the premium partner of ZOHO and can extend every possible help related to ZOHO CRM in the earnest.