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10 Most Popular Zoho Desk Extensions

Many companies always look for new ways to improve service offerings and meet customer needs. Zoho Marketplace provides extensions for your Zoho Desk. These extensions improve customer experience, reduce ticket resolution time, and increase customer satisfaction. This blog post helps you learn the top 10 Zoho desk extensions that have changed how businesses handle customer queries and support tickets. 

What is Zoho Desk? 

Zoho Desk is cloud-based customer service and help desk software. It automates and streamlines customer service processes, enabling businesses to manage and respond effectively to customer inquiries, problems, and tickets. Zoho Desk allows customer support teams to work together, communicate, and monitor customer interactions in one place.

Key Features of Zoho Desk

  • Multichannel Support
  • Team Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Reports and Insights
  • Customization
  • Third-party Integration
  • Analytics and ReportingZoho Desk Extension

Top 10 Zoho Desk Extensions

1. Print Tickets

You can print customer tickets in PDF format. You can customize and print important ticket information for offline use or documentation.

2. Customer Insights

This extension gives real-time customer insights right next to your ticket. You’ll see how many tickets you’ve received from this customer, how happy they are with your service, and how long it takes them to respond and resolve each. With this fast-diving data, your support team can tailor their response to the customer and be better prepared to deal with the ticket immediately.

3. Ticket Insights

The more information you have, the better an agent can evaluate the situation with a specific customer. That way, they can deliver a better service. The Ticket Insights extension quickly views all the incoming and outgoing threads associated with a particular ticket. You can see if the ticket has any comments or not. You can also see the total number of approvals and attachments associated with the ticket. You can also view the total number of tasks associated with the ticket and the total number of time entries with a click.

4. Custom Dashboard

Organizing your Zoho Desk using previous extensions is easy. However, you’re likely to find that the clutter is still there. It’s categorized, but it’s still there. You’ll likely find yourself in an environment where you need a summary or related information quickly.

That’s where Custom Dashboards come in. It lets you do exactly what it says: create custom dashboards that will display your data intuitively and straightforwardly. With Custom Dashboards, you can create custom charts for essential reports for your daily workflows and view them with just one click.

5. Parent-Child Tracking

This extension enables you to create a parent-child relationship between your tickets. When one of your tickets is dependent on or related to another, you need to connect them to prevent them from falling through the cracks of your system. This extension makes it easy to link tickets, clone/ duplicate them, connect them to the original ticket, and even configure what happens to both tickets after the issue is solved.

6. Advanced Ticket Filters

With the advanced ticket filters extension, you can use advanced filters to help you filter out the topic and find the next thing to focus on. You can use its filters to sort tickets based on the default and custom properties.

7. Checklist

Checklist extension is a free extension that brings the power of a checklist into your Zoho desk. You can easily add tasks to a list, convert them to tickets, link them to a specific checkbox, and more. This extension is designed to make task management much more accessible. 

8. Google Translate

With the help of Google Translate for Zoho Desk, you can extend your customer support to all corners of the world. Easily translate ticket conversations and empower your agents to offer multilingual assistance for improved communication and service.

9. Customer Ticket History

You can view tickets, statuses, creation dates, and assigned agents and enable agents to provide more personalized and data-driven customer support.

10. 3CX

Connect 3CX’s PBX to Zoho Desk to experience call pop-up notifications, create missed call tickets, and keep detailed call logs in your Zoho Desk for effective communication management.


Zoho Desk is a game changer in the world of customer support. This extension offers a holistic approach to support operations. By incorporating these extensions, you can meet and exceed customer expectations, fostering long-term loyalty and satisfaction. 


How do you add these extensions to your Zoho Desk?

Contact CRM Master’s Infotech, a Zoho Integration Partner that helps you add these essential extensions to your Zoho Desk at affordable costs.