Engaging and retaining customers is as important as acquiring new ones. However, you need to devise unique methodologies and new-age systems to reach out to potential and existing customers as well as, an effective solution to manage customers and patrons. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the most sensitive and trickiest part of a business. As per the industry, you need a common platform to keep a track of customer behavior, purchase pattern, visit frequency, bill cut, average value of purchase etc. Automation of customer management process makes it way easier and quicker for you to streamline customer information.

We at CRM Masters InfoTech LLP, implement CRM software in existing system as per your business requirements. We analyze your current system and business needs on which we base our CRM solutions for you. Whether it is B2B or B2C, we have proven record in implementing CRM software very successfully across industries.

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Our Customer Relationship Management Services Include

Salesforce is one of the most popular providers of customer and collaboration relationship management (CRM) solutions through cloud computing or internet on SaaS model. It enables businesses to establish a process to record, track and share information of sales opportunities, leads, forecasts, process and defined territories for enhanced and systematic customer management and tracking. Read More….

crm-masters zoho

Zoho CRM offers users with a platform to manage customer support, opportunities, leads, inventory and marketing capabilities including, email campaigns. This CRM comes with a host of built-in features such as, database functions, word processing, collaboration, and project management. It also enables businesses to buy third party applications to meet their requirements. Read More…

100 per cent open source CRM solution, the web- based Vtiger is ideal for small-medium businesses. It supports cross-departmental company strategies in sales, marketing, customer services and back-office operations. It also helps to organize several customer data including, accounts and contacts, sales leads, potentials and pipelines, quotes, sales orders as well as, products knowledge base. Read More…

SugarCRM is easy-to-use, flexible and affordable open source customer relationship management (CRM) software provider. It enables businesses to build long lasting and impressive customer relationships. A favorite among many high-profile Organizations across the world, SugarCRM’s cloud-based CRM empowers the success of any business while mitigating the risks commonly involved with CRM deployments. Read More….

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables businesses to develop leads, opportunities, track sales record and customers effectively. It is both, on-premise as well as, cloud enabled solution which comes with mobile CRM apps – a perfect solution in today’s market. It also includes tools for data integration and reporting from social media platforms to the CRM application. Read More…

Customer relationship Management (CRM) is enhancing sales and maintaining sturdy bond with the clients.CRM application creates many advantages in field of business. It helps organization to manage various customers, helps to attain customers need, acquiring their purchasing behavior, retaining the important one and adding in valuable inputs. Read More…

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