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How Zoho Desk Improves Your Customer Satisfaction?

How Zoho Desk Improves Your Customer Satisfaction
It is often said that winning over the customer is an easy part, but keeping that customer is a real challenge. And to complete this cycle, it is important to make your customers happy, not just a single time but every time you provide them the service. So, upgrading the quality of your customer service is not enough for business organizations, customer feedback plays a crucial role in taking up your business beyond limits. Every organization has become more conscious of client’s feedback about their product or service quality. In this way, the customer service folks keep asking users about their post-sale service reviews or feedback. Zoho Desk serves as one of the most feature-complete IT support solutions available for small to midsize businesses. Many businesses benefit greatly from having a help desk. Like:
  • Manufacturing or Distribution Companies
  • Technology or SaaS-based Companies
Features of ZOHO DESK –
zoho desk features  
  • Artificial Intelligence capability – ZOHO desk answers customer’s questions for you automatically via text or voice chat.
  • Customers can submit their tickets by themselves or browse your knowledge base which you can use as an FAQ Center, for solutions to common questions.
  • Both agents and administrators in your ZOHO service desk can check open tickets’ priority and customize it.
  • Social media presence through help desk available
  • Customer portal, Ticket priority Chatbot, and Time tracking
  • Auto-response workflow and email communication
  • Multi Department Management and self-service portal.
ZOHO Desk Capabilities
ZOHO One implementation provides a wide range of capabilities to businesses which help businesses to gain and grow in such a tough competitive environment. We must look at few ones: –
Customized Process-
ZOHO enables your business function, agents to provide tailored processes to customers as per their interest & expectations. Clients are to be allowed to get the design of their choice without trouble.
Training Process-
Instead of sharing a blueprint with every newly hired candidate, the very first step should be to train them about the process and dynamics of the modules through a practical demo.
Workflow Automation-
Whenever any task takes too much manual time than the required one, then the business wants it to automate. Here ZOHO Desk can be deployed in such a way that it automates the entire workflow, smooth runs and increases the productivity of the organization.
Benefits of ZOHO Desk
  • Real-time implementation and reporting.
  • Knowledge-based FAQ.
  • Improve agent productivity.
  • User profile, department, and portal management.
  • SLA workflow, automation in routine tasks.
  • Revamp customer service with less pricing.
  • Increase quick time response to users.
  • Effective forecasting and planning tool for business.
When a customer has any issue, they do approach you through calls or chats or emails, and you have to be available with a short response time, moreover, this becomes vicious if your volume of support request is too high so using the ZOHO Desk feature can make your business process painless and productive. Overall ZOHO Desk fits very effectively at this place on your behalf, its robust features, convenient app, easy to use, economical price, and capable of helping, support the departments greatly. Thus, ZOHO partner should definitely be on top of your list.