CRM Masters: Connecting Customers with Clear Communication

With our ZOHO implementation & Consultation services, we have helped small and medium scale enterprises streamline and transform their complex business processes by connecting customers with our best creative solutions.

Our ZOHO implementation team will customize your ZOHO PLATFORM to match your business requirements perfectly so that you can reach out to your potential customers at the right time.

We are Certified Zoho Partners

We are certified ZOHO Resellers with a professional team of ZOHO implementation, consultation, and development providing customized ZOHO Products according to your business needs.

  •  ZOHO CRM : Manage your online applications and reach out to all prospective customers on time.
  •  ZOHO Creator : Allows you to automate every process. With this multi-platform app builder, you can do everything. Be it creating your own app or getting started with a ready-made one.
  •  ZOHO Reports : Manage your business well with planned reports, hours utilized, burn down charts. Create a list of reports and get your entire team connected.
  •  ZOHO Recruit : Automate your business hiring process. Get powerful software and tracking system that streamlines the hiring process.
  •  ZOHO Books: Software to manage your invoice and accounts
  •  ZOHO Invoice: To manage your payment reminders
  •  ZOHO Expense: Automating the expense reporting and approval
  •  ZOHO Subscriptions: Designed to handle the subscription-based businesses
  •  ZOHO Inventory: Tracks the sales and purchase order plus the inventory.

How ZOHO CRM Solutions Work For You?

❏      Sell Smarter: Get a filtered list of tasks and leads that matter the most

❏      Automate: Automate your daily tasks.

❏      Tracking Sales Activities: Get detailed visibility of your sales cycle.

❏      Communicate: Know where your customers are.

❏      Integrating CRM: Integrate your CRM account with other applications.

Why Choose CRM Masters InfoTech as your ZOHO Consultant?

Certified ZOHO Partners

We are Certified ZOHO Partners offering customized ZOHO solutions according to your business requirements.

Our Commitment to Help

CRM Masters provide you a committed delivery and support team to organize your ZOHO products and their implementation.

Customized Solutions

We analyze your business performances and provide you the type of ZOHO Product your organization needs.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience in the successful implementation of ZOHO products across various sectors of the industry.

Our Expertise

We specialize in ZOHO implementations and jump-start your business by mapping your business requirements.


We analyze your needs and provide solutions around ZOHO products.


We customize and train your people to make the best use of CRM.

 Admin Services:

ZOHO admin services will give you a centralized point to smoothly organize ZOHO products across your organization.

 Data Migration Services:

We promise that your data will be migrated correctly which helps in reducing the manual work.

 Data & Analytics:

Our ZOHO products will help you create intuitive reports and analyze big data in an exceedingly powerful ecosystem.


We will help you customize your CRM to fit your needs.