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flutter app development

Cross-platform mobile apps are the need of the hour. Conventionally, you have to write two different codes in order to create an app for two different platforms. This involves a lot of time and effort. So, this calls for a solution that can enable you to create cross-platform apps without the need of writing two different codes.


Flutter is an open-source mobile development platform. Due to its capabilities, it has become quite famous among software developers around the world. Flutter enables you to develop an app for more than one platform without the need of writing different codes for different platforms. In this blog post, we will be discussing why you should go for Flutter App Development.


Same Business Logic and User Interface across Platforms


Being a cross-platform framework, Flutter allows you to develop apps for multiple platforms without the need of writing different codes for different platforms. Moreover, it ensures that the UI consistency is maintained across the platforms where you intend to develop the app. At the same time, the business logic also doesn’t get changed across platforms. This capability will save a lot of time and effort for your development team.


It’s an Open-Source Platform


Flutter is an open-source platform from Google. This enables the programmers to post the issues easily on open developer forums. Moreover, it allows the programmers to access the documentation from the forums. This ensures that the programmers who are using Flutter are learning and growing constantly with the developers who contribute to the platform. 


Hot reload and development


In the process of app development or enhancement, it is quite common that the developers and the designers are making some changes in the app regularly, and they would prefer to see the changes in the app instantly. Through this unique feature of Flutter, the updates are available in just a few seconds to both designer and programmer. This speeds up the productivity of the app development team and thereby reducing the overall time to develop the app.


Custom Widgets 


One of the highlights of Flutter is the availability of a great number of widgets. These widgets ease and speed up the work of the development team to design a basic user interface. When a UI element is created once in Flutter, it can adapt to different screens, resolutions, and platforms.


Requires Less Testing


Testing is a crucial part of any app development process. One of the reasons why testing is crucial is to check the compatibility of the app on different platforms. However, in the case of Flutter, the same code base is used for different platforms, so it is enough to test the Flutter application just once and save a lot of time, effort, and money that goes in the process of testing.


So, we can conclude that there are so many reasons why one should go for Flutter App Development. If you are looking to explore this area of Flutter App Development, feel free to contact us. Based on our experience in Flutter App Development, we will be able to help you out.