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Flutter Cross Platform Development

With the exponential increase in smartphone users, the number of mobile apps is also on the rise. When it comes to mobile app development, choosing the right framework is highly important. One of the popular frameworks suitable for cross-platform development is Flutter. While 30 percent of software developers used Flutter as the cross-platform mobile framework in 2019, it has increased to 42 percent in 2021. That speaks a lot about the growing use of the Flutter framework.

Are you still wondering why businesses consider Flutter to be the future of cross-platform development? If yes, here are some of the top reasons that will convince you.

  1. Single Codebase

One of the most prominent reasons why Flutter is the future of cross-platform development is its single codebase feature. That means the developers have to write the code only once and use it for other platforms. The ability to use the same code for different platforms can help in saving a great deal of development time and effort. It can increase the development speed by about 50 percent. This, in turn, enables businesses to roll out their apps faster in the market and gain an edge over their competitors. In addition, a single codebase can also allow you to save significantly on development costs.

  1. Plenty of Open-source Packages

Flutter has numerous open-source packages, available for use at no cost at all. This accelerates the pace of development of the apps. Moreover, it allows the app developers to use Flutter conveniently without compromising on vital features. Some of the popular open-source packages of Flutter include:

  • Location: To keep track of the geographical location of your device
  • Dio: A powerful HTTP client for DART, the client-optimized language
  • GetX: Simplifies the app development by supporting processes like injection, dependency, etc.
  • Provider: Makes the Inherited Widget more accessible
  • Google Fonts: Provides above 1000 Google fonts to use in your app for free.
  • Url_launcher: Helps in the launching of relative or absolute URLS on your iOS and Android devices.

In addition, Flutter has a global community that makes it easier for developers to find answers to their queries.

  1. Faster Development

In today’s competitive world, faster app development is the need of the hour to stay ahead of your rivals. The single codebase of Flutter is undoubtedly one of the prominent reasons why it allows faster app development. However, sever a lot her reasons also contribute to this factor. For instance, the hot reload feature accelerates the development process appreciably. It reflects the changes in source code immediately without the need of restarting or compiling the source code. This, in turn, can significantly lower the overall development time.

  1. Customizable Widgets

Flutter comprises a number of easily customizable widgets, which is yet another of its appealing features. Depending on the unique requirements of your business, you can customize the widgets and store it in a new DART file. It helps in creating vibrant UIs and enhancing the overall experiences of the users.

  1. Automated Testing

Application testing consumes considerable time and investment. However, by using Flutter as your cross-platform app development platform, you can make this task simple and easy. It allows the developers to quickly test the usability, functionality, and user interface of the app with the help of automated testing.

It also ensures above par performance of your application before making it ready for the end-user. Experts carry out automated tests in distinct categories while retaining the bug fix velocity and features of the app. The categories thus include:

  • Unit Test
  • Widget Test
  • Integration Test


Flutter is indeed the future of cross-platform development and several reasons endorse this relevant fact. The simple setup and faster development with Flutter are likely to revolutionize app development in the coming years. Hence, Using Flutter app development services from CRM-Masters can help to boost the performance of your mobile apps appreciably. To know more about our services, feel free to connect with us.