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ZOHO Analytics

Data management and monitoring are among some of the most challenging responsibilities for any corporation. However, handling and management of the unprocessed data is critical in the creation of statistics. It is equally important in the evaluation of different sales as well as marketing initiatives.

ZOHO Analytics
ZOHO Analytics

This is where ZOHO Analytics could provide a feasible solution for converting data into meaningful reports and visualizations. Formerly called ZOHO Insights, ZOHO Analytics enables users to construct dashboards and graphs that show data within a simple yet self-service way. In this post, we will explain more about ZOHO Analytics, its functionalities are, and about its users.

ZOHO Analytics – What is it exactly?

ZOHO Analytics is a self-service corporation intelligence as well as information analytics tool that allows companies to

  • Visually analyze their information,
  • Produce unparalleled data visualizations, and
  • Uncover hidden insights.

This data analytics program analyzes and interprets company data thus eliminating the requirement for IT help or data analysts to unearth the insights.

Besides, you may also work with ZOHO Analytics partners to carry out certain activities, such as to:

  • Process large datasets
  • Execute different analytical operations
  • Assemble the data and depict the findings in graphical representations.

ZOHO Analytics enables organizations to make data-driven choices and is available throughout on-premise as well as cloud implementation models. Here are a few of important functionalities of ZOHO Analytics:

  1. Links to every data source

Is your company data still scattered among Google Spreadsheet, cloud archives, web feeds, and other online apps? If yes, it is high time to schedule a meeting with an expert ZOHO analytics advisor.

Expert ZOHO Analytics Advisor
Expert ZOHO Analytics Advisor

It will help you to learn how to link ZOHO Analytics with numerous data streams you possess for in-depth monitoring as well as evaluation.

A qualified ZOHO Analytics expert will also help to transfer and mix data from plain files and worksheets, text documents, Microsoft PowerPoint, NoSQL systems, and major business apps.

  1. Creates informative reports as well as dashboards

You may offer analytical insights to your customers with the help of drag and drop functionality of ZOHO Analytics. It offers the facility of numerous visualization components such as charts, widgets, etc., to construct compelling and simple-to-understand dashboards. You may also integrate various reports within a unified dashboard to help your team keep track of the Vital Performance Indicators.

  1. Makes deep analysis possible

ZOHO Analytics has pre-built evaluation functions that are easy to utilize. It helps to perform a thorough analysis and derive crucial KPIs. It also has a robust spreadsheet-like system for data entry, metric assessment, as well as reporting.

ZOHO Analytics KPI Dashboards
ZOHO Analytics KPI Dashboards

Furthermore, Zia, ZOHO’s intelligent analytical assistant, may provide appropriate responses to inquiries in the shape of a study plus KPI widgets.

  1. Reporting and collaboration made simple

You may collaborate with your coworkers to create reports and possess fine-grained accessibility management with options such as read write, reading only, drill-down, exporting, and much more. You may also quickly publish your insights or dashboards using ZOHO Analytics, to enable the others users to access those even without logging in.

Users of ZOHO Analytics

Many companies in the United States prefer using ZOHO Analytics frequently, especially those operating in the Information Technology sector. The tool holds a widespread embracement among the organizations with 50 to 200 workers and $1 million to $10 million in sales. Here is a quick look at the users of ZOHO Analytics existing in the United States alone.

Company Country Website Company Size Revenue (USD)
Cloudbakers LLC United States 10-50 1M-10M
EcoMark Solar United States 50-200 1M-10M
NiyamIT Inc. United States 10-50 1M-10M

These are just a few of the countless organizations that rely on ZOHO Analytics to make way for the progress of their business across the globe.


ZOHO Analytics is a preferred business tool to help organizations get detailed insights about their niche. Considering the constant advancements of the companies the application has played an imperative role in helping them beat the cutthroat industry competition. Among the instant users of ZOHO Analytics, include small and medium businesses, departments like sales, marketing, finance, etc. several collaborators such as BI consultants, System Integrators and so on.