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What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud - 5 Benefits

What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud – 5 Benefits

The manufacturing industry has seen a tremendous rise in adopting cloud-based solutions. Reduced costs, more agility, and faster production are all in high demand. To address these demands, industries all across the world are turning to cloud-based solutions and leveling up their manufacturing businesses.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud acts as a go-between for your business and all other third-party software solutions that are available. It allows you to use several applications on a single system from any kind of device. Using a cloud solution for your company’s manufacturing processes has many advantages.

You’ll learn about the features and advantages of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud in this blog, as well as why manufacturing companies should use it to grow their businesses.

What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a platform specifically designed for manufacturing industry needs. It offers various features as it extends service cloud and sales cloud capabilities to meet specific needs as per the manufacturing needs.

The way Manufacturing Cloud is implemented within your system is up to your business. Manufacturing Cloud can be used in three different ways: for sales, for services, or both sales and services.

This tool helps businesses gain deeper visibility into their business processes and allows a necessary collaboration between sales and operations teams. Moreover, the manufacturing cloud consolidates forecasting and account planning for better transparency across the entire ecosystem.

Some of the key capabilities of manufacturing cloud include:

  • Production Forecasting
  • Account Transparency
  • Onlinechannel Service
  • Order Management
  • Accelerate Planning with Collaboration
  • Actionable Business Valuable Insights
  • Supply Chain Integration

Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud


Salesforce for manufacturers provides many benefits, here are some of them that help in empowering manufacturing businesses:

1) Better Commitments And More Efficient Business Management

Salesforce manufacturing cloud helps businesses connect different departments. Having a unified system that connects Sales and Operations enables businesses to automatically submit sales orders and have them fulfilled instantly.

In the manufacturing industry, errors in entries, mismanaged inventory, etc can cause a loss of a large amount to companies. This is why creating reliable data between sales and operations helps in correctly managing things.

Automated systems help reduce the manual workload as well as lower the risk of human error to provide 100% accuracy with great efficiency.

2) Make Precise Business Predictions

Information on product performance and availability is a valuable feature, regardless of industry specificity. In the manufacturing industry having the insights provides business information about the top-performing products and about those that are not doing well in the market.

Also, these insights can be used for identifying industry trends and to predict better resource allocation in the manufacturing industry. With these valuable predictions, businesses can perform better and increase operational efficiency to gain business growth.

A linked system allows a manufacturer to instantly identify issues if a particular product has a high return rate. Their production problems can be quickly resolved rather than persistently causing expensive problems.

3) Managing Inventories Well

By using the Salesforce manufacturing cloud, businesses can keep track of their customer’s demands and avoid having them go out of stock, resulting in an increase in customer loyalty and trust.

This feature also helps in cutting down the product that is not doing well in the market to save the extra manufacturing cost and also lets businesses stock up on their ‘hero product’ which is performing well.

Last but not least, ‘Returns’, is part of the manufacturing business and Salesforce helps in identifying the products with too many return requests, with such data you can run quality checks and perform better in the market.

4) Update Contracts Immediately

Most manufacturing companies have long-term contracts with their clients that involve a lot of back-and-forth editing which can be a complex task and these contracts contribute to the revenue bottom line.

The manufacturing cloud comes with a seamless update functionality that allows easy contract information updates when needed. A manufacturing cloud with automation features allows contracts to be updated from a single source while maintaining version control and accessibility to all parties.

This way salesforce manufacturing cloud makes the entire process of contact updates clear with easy access to the same information needed by every concerned person.

5) Monitor Leads And Raise Conversion Rates

This feature is a game change in the manufacturing industry as this allows businesses to have a digitalized framework that helps them to track their potential customer as well as get useful insights with their interactions that can give them a solid plan for making informed decisions and implementing improvements.

With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, sales representatives get easily notified about the prospects falling away, which helps take immediate action to keep the pipeline running and maintain good customer relationships.

Also, these features can help the marketing team gain valuable insights and incorporate these in email, content, and other marketing strategies to make personalized marketing campaigns.

Ready to Enhance Your Manufacturing Business?

The right implementation of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud can elevate your business operation and drive growth. While there are still so many businesses that are using traditional systems and are not aware of adopting new technologies.

We at CRM Masters as a Salesforce Consulting Partner, help businesses transition into new and advanced automated systems with the help of the Salesforce manufacturing cloud.

Level up your business by adopting a manufacturing cloud for your manufacturing businesses and stay competitive in the market.

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