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AWS Marketplace

Amazon Web Services or AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog. The customers can use it to leverage third-party data, services, and software to run their businesses and build proper solutions. You can find countless software involved in the AWS Marketplace from popular categories including machine learning, security, data products, and business applications across varied industries like telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare.

AWS Marketplace
AWS Marketplace

It allows the customers the option to launch the preconfigured software and select a better software solution in software as a service (SaaS), Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), and other formats.

With many professional services emerging in the AWS Marketplace, the customers now find it easier than ever to manage, deploy, and configure third-party software.

Who can use the AWS Marketplace?

Anyone, be it seller or service provider, buyer or subscriber, or both can avail the AWS Marketplace.

If you want to be a seller in the AWS Marketplace, you need to register with Amazon Web Services.Here, a seller can be anyone like

  • A managed services provider (MSP)
  • A consulting partner
  • An independent software vendor (ISV)

Besides, an individual who can provide services that work with AWS services and products also qualify as a seller. Just like a seller, you have to create and log in to your AWS account to use the AWS Marketplace as a buyer.

What are the important features of AWS Marketplace?

The users can benefit significantly from its multifarious features. Here is a quick look:

  1. Storage

AWS Marketplace offers multiple storage options that are flexible, cost-competitive, and easy to use. This Marketplace offers different types of storage such as:

  • Amazon EBS
  • Amazon simple storage service, and
  • Amazon glacier

You can use these storages based on your requirements.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Access

This valuable feature includes AWS mobile SDK and AWS mobile hub.

AWS mobile SDK: It helps you to access Amazon Web Services such as S3, DynamoDB, and Lambda through the app. It also supports Android, IOS, Unity, Web, React Native, and more.

AWS Mobile Hub: It is suitable for use on both IOS and Android OS. It also offers guidance and support to configure and select the mobile app features like push notifications and content delivery.

  1. Databases

Amazon is the sole caretaker of the AWS Marketplace and includes different databases like

  • Non-relational databases: For internet-scale applications
  • Relational databases: For transactional purposes
  • In-memory data stores: Best for caching and real-time workloads
  • Data warehouses: Suitable for analytics
  • Graph databases: Used for applications with highly connected data.

In addition, you can also get security, compliance and server less cloud functions in the AWS Marketplace.


With numerous features, AWS Marketplace has become an ultimate choice for the software vendors and as well as customers. Here are three most important advantages to vouch for the usability of AWS Marketplace even further.

  1. Enhanced product visibility

AWS Marketplace allows excellent visibility to your listed products by making them available to an extended AWS community searching for relevant software. The customers can find relevant products by using the AWS Marketplace search tools. Hence, it proves beneficial for the buyers and the sellers alike.

  1. Increased trust

The customers feel more confident about using the products listed on AWS Marketplace. The dedicated teams at AWS care to perform proper scanning of the products before considering them liable for use. Hence, you can say that products approved by AWS Marketplaces instill trust and credibility among the customers.

  1. Complete security

The robust mechanism of AWS Marketplace makes sure that only the users subscribed to avail the services of the listed products can gain access to it. It provides auto-generated reports regarding the information of the subscribed customers. Moreover, its error-free mechanism further helps the vendors to ensure high degree customer security while delivering their services.

To be a part of AWS Marketplace as a buyer, seller or both, you can always trust us at CRM-Masters. The experienced team at our end will guide you systematically on creating the AWS Marketplace account and operating it the way you want. Feel free to contact us any time.