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Marketing Apps from Zoho

ZOHO is one of the most promising companies to develop new tools and applications for different businesses. Its full business-suite development offers help several organizations to improve their operations, enhance performance, and increase the overall sales and revenues by several notches. Hence, no wonder, ZOHO has emerged as a true companion for startups, entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses, and even big corporate houses.

At ZOHO, you can access different types of applications specifically formulated to improvise the sales and marketing sector of a business. Let’s bring into lime light a few of these utilitarian apps and find out how they can offer you a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

  1. SIGN- Paperless signature app

Gone are the days when people used to ask their customers or clients for the scanned version of their signatures on paper. This traditional form of signature collection is not only outdated but also tiresome. Besides, for verifying the signatures, you need to make copies, upload them on the system and then process the verification.

ZOHO with Sign
ZOHO with Sign

Sensing the lethargic process of this signature, ZOHO has come up with SIGN, an application where people can give their paperless signatures with ease. It scans every signature thoroughly to ensure that it matches the concerned customer and then only allows them to access the contents. It also cares to maintain the security at optimal level so that user information can stay safe.

  1. FORMS- Online form app

The entire world is gradually shifting towards the paperless and digital paradigms. Evidently, ZOHO has also introduced the FORMS online application for all types of businesses and organizations. It will help to:

  • Create different attributes as per the business requirement
  • Alter the colors to make it look more appealing
  • Share and collect data from various endpoints
  • Analyze data for report generation and forecasting
ZOHO Forms Email and Notifications
ZOHO Forms Email and Notifications

There is no need to use hardcore coding for creating the forms and sending them through emails and other channels to the end users. Instead, FORMS will help you keep you updated through instant notifications.

  1. CAMPAIGNS- Email marketing app

Beyond doubt, email marketing is one of the most important digital marketing tools that most businesses and organizations confide in. However, taking care of countless emails is a troublesome job. To avert such monotonous tasks, ZOHO offers integrated CAMPAIGN with your business ops. It helps effectively in:

  • Managing bulk emails
  • Deleting the unwanted mails
  • Replying to the priority emails
  • Carrying out various other related tasks

Hence, this next-gen email marketing app can help you grow your audience and keep them engaged without hassles.

  1. BIGIN- CRM for small businesses

BIGIN is definitely a CRM but free from all the obsolete features, thus enabling you to assess your customer pipelines with a new perspective. There is no need to scroll through the feeds, look for the new addition to the sales page or find out whether your recent marketing strategy has finally started to draw more users or not. The app segregates everything into columns based on the priority. You can move a block from one column to the other for better management of your customer pipelines.

  1. CRM- Customer Relationship Management app

With over 250,000 businesses using the ZOHO CRM, it is one of the most amazing creations from ZOHO Corp. It helps to maintain a friendly and trustworthy relationship with your customers, while ensuring that you can retain them for the longest possible time.


You can even integrate different social media channels with the CRM to ensure that all your customer bases are easy to manage. Moreover, it also enables you to automate the processes involved with your business.


It is important to learn about the excellent creations of ZOHO so that you do not face any problem in choosing the best application for your business. You can integrate either one or two apps or get the business full-suite package post subscription from ZOHO for streamlined operations related to your business. For more information on ZOHO apps for sales and marketing, feel free to get in touch with CRM Masters. A premium ZOHO partner, it can assist you amicably with every aspect related to ZOHO apps.