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vTiger One

vTiger One is becoming a popular CRM platform among organizations to manage business relationships. As you already know, CRM refers to a marketing and sales tactic with which you can manage the customer base and enhance customer experience. It helps make the business more customer-centric, with higher interactive power. vTiger One does the same for businesses willing to touch heights through smart work. Let’s find out what this new but popular platform has in the stores for you. But before that, here is a concise description of vTiger.

vTiger – A Brief Intro

vTiger is a renowned Cloud CRM Solution built on a leading Open Source Core. Top review sites have given big thumbs up to vTiger in the CRM space, all thanks to the outstanding customer experiences it delivers across the customer purchase journey. The organization is persistent in developing software that empowers the customer-facing teams working in SMBs to create long-lasting relationships with the clients.

Having started in 2004 in California, San Francisco, and Bangalore, today vTiger has extended its clutch across 110 countries, with its portfolio of products being used by above 300,000 organizations around the globe. vTiger One is one of its prominent products that has found many takers in a range of business niches. Let’s find out more about it right here.

Features of vTiger One CRM

vTiger CRM, the all-in-one CRM, has emerged as a promising platform for managing and retaining relationships with customers. Its features will help you take your business up by several notches, albeit towards a glorious future. The following list of features helps to know about it in detail. 

  1. Sales automation: With your sales channels, you can easily orchestrate sales funnels, retrieve customer details in a few clicks, and prepare a playbook with automated task algorithms.
  2. Sales enablement: From a wide collection of email templates to scheduling all appointments, vTiger One helps you to enable easier-to-handle sales channels.
  1. Pipeline management: vTiger One lets you manage all sales and marketing pipelines with ease. In addition, it helps you to:
  • Prepare quotes and forecasts
  • Recording buyer actions, and
  • Analyzing all sales and customer interaction curves. 
  1. Analytics and intelligence: You can easily gather data from different sales channels to analyze business patterns and trends. This will help you understand current business standards, customer relationships, loopholes, and more.
  2. Sales engagement: Increase the engagement of your sales channels and draw in more traffic to improve the revenue numbers.
  3. Helpdesk automation: You can now use the in-built SLAs to: 
  • Resolve issues within minutes
  • Customize customer queries, and
  • Prioritize the cases.
  1. Communication and collaboration: vTiger One can easily help you improve the overall communication channels with the customers in no time. For this, it equips you with calendars to schedule appointments to clear documents and reports.

Solutions and pricing details are offered at vTiger One

vTiger One CRM platform helps businesses representing different industries and market domains. From real estate to pharmaceutical companies and more, everyone can use this platform to:

  • Facilitate CRM migration
  • Kickstart a sales funnel
  • Train your employees

You can opt from among different vTiger One plan based on the type of users and the application version chosen. The table below gives a brief detail of the pricing models that this platform has to offer.



Monthly Pricing (Billed Annually Per user) Monthly Pricing (Billed Monthly Per user) Maximum Users Maximum Records Free Trial Version
One Pilot Free Free 10 3000 Start Straightaway
One Professional 2100 2940 No Limit No Limit 15 days
One Enterprise 2940 4060 No Limit No Limit 15 days


With a slew of beneficial features and affordable pricing ranges, you can easily take the subscription and incorporate the same into your existing business. As a result, you can manage customers and sales from all channels thereby enhancing the revenues and conversion ratio. To get any type of help regarding the subscription or the usage of this platform, you can always feel free to approach us at CRM-Master.